Help: Motherboard Wont Turn On After Power Off

By abecks ·
Hello, thanks for the help.

I have an EVGA NForce 680i Motherboard, one of the earlier models from around January.

Basically, if I switch on my power supply (OCZ GameXstream 850W), and hit the power switch on my case, the motherboard will fire up and computer will boot and operate perfectly.

My issue is when I turn off the computer, I cannot turn the board back on until I turn OFF my power supply, leave it off for a good 30 seconds, and then turn it back on again. Only after the power cycle will my motherboard turn on.

Some of the symptons:
There is a blue power light on the mobo thats always on, above that, a yellow light comes on when the motherboard is active (AFAIK). When I hit the power switch, the yellow light comes on, but nothing else happens. In order to boot up properly, I must turn off my power suppy and turn it back on again, then the motherboard will boot if I hit the power switch.

Not sure if this would be a mobo or power supply issue. Please advise?


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Test the power supply first

by Langlier In reply to Help: Motherboard Wont Tu ...

using a power supply tester. if it tests good still use a different power supply with the motherboard to see if that fixes the problem. if the board is still relatively new it should be under warranty and if you can confirm it is not a PS issue get it replaced under warranty. also verify that the board is properly grounded.

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Properly Grounded?

by abecks In reply to Test the power supply fir ...

What should I do to verify the board is properly grounded?

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Verify that the spacers below the board are properly set

by Langlier In reply to Properly Grounded?

and that all screws holding the motherboard to the spacers are in place. Esp if they have a metallic gold ring in them. These are normally grounding screws in addition to holding the motherboard in place.

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