Help!!! My 250 Gig External Harddrive crashed????

By J_west8504 ·
Recently I let my friend borrow my external harddrive to trade some files and when i got it back My computer said that the drive needed to be formated i know that erases all my files i have over 900 pictures that arent saved anywhere else please let me know if there is anything i can do to open the drive again

Thanks in advance

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Well it would help to know what OS and what type of Partition

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Help!!! My 250 Gig Extern ...

Was on this HDD. If it's a Windows XP version of some kind and a NTFS Partition you can use some Data Recovery Tools to rebuild the Partition or format and recover the files. Depends on how much money you have and how much these files are worth to you really.

The best option is to get a copy of On Tracks Easy Recovery Pro and run that which will rebuild the Partition and recover any stored data though it's by no means the cheapest option but you can find details about the product here


For a fee this company will also recover your data but it's quite likely that the software option will be at least as cheap as allowing them to recover your data.

If you baulk at the price of this bit of software there are numerous other Data Recovery Software that are available and all work to a certain extent though with any Data Recovery you need to remember to always write the recovered data to a different HDD to prevent overwriting any existing data that is on the affected drive. While I haven't used all of these I have heard some good things about most of them so they would be considered as the best available though there are many more












While I can not speak for every option here what I can tell you is don't go near Win Hex unless you know Hex inside out so stick to the Davory option as you are far less likely to do any damage to the Data on the HDD.

Remember that when recovering data any software that needs loading goes onto a different HDD to the one that you are recovering data from and all recovered data gets written to a different HDD so that you don't have to involve any Forensic Activity for Over Written Files.


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Slave it

by bnbromiley In reply to Help!!! My 250 Gig Extern ...

Try installing the hard drive in another machine as slave. This should let you access the files on it.

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doesn't that bite when it happens...

by CG IT In reply to Help!!! My 250 Gig Extern ...

those pesky unreliable hard drives, they stop working when you need them the most.

Data Recovery= http://www.ontrack.com/

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Crisis counselors

by mdhealy In reply to doesn't that bite when it ...

A few years ago on National Public Radio I heard an interview with a "data crisis counselor" employed by a data recovery company (I think it was either Ontrack or Drive Savers). She had a psychology degree and so forth; her job was to help clients deal with the emotional consequences when they learned their disk was beyond recovery and some or all of their data had been lost forever.

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by CG IT In reply to Crisis counselors

Crisis counselor...

they put the FNGs or the PFUs on the phone lines to talk to the irate customers. Where do you think Dr. Phil got his start?

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by UAnimosity In reply to Ha!

That's just retarded.

If you have important data, you back it up, simple. If you need something that is crucial, you make sure there is more then one copy. with technology this is easy.

The ones that "comfort" you on data lost make it seem like its not your fault, same as those 12 step program morons. When it comes to the technology, it can fail, and it's up to you to back it up.

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REPENT your evil ways!!!!!

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Agreed

Every salesperson will tell you that the hardware that they sell is perfect and never has a problem under any circumstances so it's not your fault when it breaks and you loose everything it's the makers of the crappy hardware fault for not telling you that you need to backup the data to some different media.

But what I'm confused about if this was the Backup Drive why was it lent out in the first place as that is the biggest mistake that anyone could make ever particularly if the person borrowing the External Drive technical expertises is unknown. They can just as easily wipe the drive and make it extremely expensive to recover the data or worse format the drive with a different OS so that everything goes By By.


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its the lawyers

by CG IT In reply to REPENT your evil ways!!!! ...

they gotta make a living so sue the big companies that can afford to settle out of court.

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