(Help!) My HP Pavillion is crap and im trying to fix it...

By Kamillun BIOS ·
sigh...(please read this)i had my sisters dad build me a computer (all HP parts and junk) and so then the idiot installed a bootleg copy of windows xp home. so when i went to update the system, it crashed and well now i get this error "unmovable boot volume." so we have a family computer or what no but i want my own comp again. so i got linux and want to install it to the old computer so i go into the BIOS and change the boot settings to boot from Akati CD-Rom (somethin like that) and it still jus goes to that screen where its like restart from last known good settings. i removed the cord conecting the HDD drive to the cpu and jus run it from the CD-Rom drive to see if it does anything...it doesnt and im getting quite angry. i have been reading and researching and i dont get a single freakin answer, can someone please for the love of god allah budda and whatever else type of super intelligent being created the manifestation know as a cpu error.

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Check the Cable

by IC-IT In reply to (Help!) My HP Pavillion i ...

and the jumper while your inside.
Sometimes bootable media will only load if it is coming from the device on the master position of the IDE cable.
If he installed the HD as the master and the CDROM as the slave, get another cable and use the CDROM as the last I.e. Master position) device on it's channel.
Verify that it's jumper is set to either CS or Master.

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Which Version of Linux

by TheChas In reply to (Help!) My HP Pavillion i ...

What version of Linux do you have?

Is this a live version or an installer?

On the presumption that you downloaded Linux from the web, how did you burn it to the CD/DVD?

In order to boot from a CD, the CD must be burned as a bootable volume. Most "ISO" file distributions when burned to a CD as an ISO image and not just the file will boot.

If the Linux file you have is a ZIP or EXE file, it will not be able to boot your system from just the files burned onto a CD.

There should be documentation at the home web site for the version of Linux you have on how to create a boot or install disk.

Keep in mind that installing Linux WILL require that the hard drive be formatted! Make sure that you have backup copies of any data files that you stored on this computer.

Also, make sure that the hardware you have is above the minimum requirements for the version of Linux you wish to use.

Finally, make sure that you can get Linux version drivers for your hardware.


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