help my laptop is fried!! spilled milk

hi, I have a Dell inspiron E1705 that is roughly 14 months old. my 1 yr old daughter spilled about 3 tsp of milk right on the back where the charger plugs was on and charging but the case was closed....when I found it, it was dead...I took battery out and unplugged and waited for my husband to come home....he took apart and did notice alittle milk near the back where charger plugs in but that is it...he took everything apart and cleaned well and then let dry for about 1 week...put back together and would not come on but battery light would flash 3 fast green and 1 orange light....we read that is faulty we ordered a new one and now, the green battery light is on but as soon as you hit the button it fades out and now power whatsoever...when u plug in the charger it shows green LED but as soon as turn on the laptop, even the power to that goes dh is very handy w computers and he thinks we should just replace it..but that lapt was 2000$$...and it was really nice...seems like if it is the motherboard, he can fix it..but could it be soemthing else we are overlooking??? any and all help would be so greatly appreciated!!

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Whoops, Computers and liquids do not mix well. :)

If you are good with a soldering iron then you will be able to replace the component that is gone. But since not many people are that good then the only way is to buy another laptop. But take out the hdd from this laptop and insert into your new laptop or get a external caddy (USB case) and put the drive in it.
This time NO liquids of any kind goes near your computer. Keep eating and drinking to the kitchen. :)
Hope all goes well.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.
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I can't believe you didn't add

by jdclyde In reply to Whoops, Computers and liq ...

"Don't cry over spilt milk"..... ;\

Wonder if home owners insurance will cover that?

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I was thinking of it. :) :)

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If it was milk that got spilled ...

by Bizzo In reply to help my laptop is fried!! ...

... then the laptop is probably poached, not fried! :-)

Sorry, couldn't resist.

More seriously though, the initial spill could have shorted the first battery, hence the green/orange lights.

Have you tried powering the laptop with no battery in it at all? If that fails, it might be the power connector that's shorting.

Also, how long are you charging the battery before you turn on the laptop? Maybe leave the battery in, and the laptop off but charging to see if the battery will hold the charge. If you do this though, keep checking the laptop regularly, i.e. don't do it overnight or whilst you're out, because if something is shorting out, you need to make sure it doesn't catch fire!

Try the new battery in another machine if you can, because you may just be unlucky and have got a faulty one.

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by MARISAKAY In reply to If it was milk that got s ...

ty for all replies, yes I am crying over spilt milk as I do not have another $$$ to go buy a new laptop....

homeowners wont cover...

tried plugging in w NO BATTERY and NOTHING no lights on laptop at all.....when u hit the power button the charger light fades out.....

when I put the new battery in (which I believe is fully charged)...the green battery light flashes every 8-10 then comes on a then on...etc

(which I have read this means full battery)..then u hit power and all lights fade including charger LED

I did not get a DELL replacement battery...but one guaranteed to work on dell??

I think I do need to find someone w an inspiron to test but that could be really hard...

honest answers, is it prob toast?

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Ruff situation....

by ---TK--- In reply to ty

If you don't want to spend the money for a new lappy, I would try surfing Ebay... often times if the LCD, Hard drive, RAM stops working people will sell it.... not really knowing that it is cheaper to fix(some parts) it.

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I sounds like a short somewhere.

by cmiller5400 In reply to ty

You probably fried the board due to a short when the milk hit it. Now when you try to power it up, it is shorting each time due to a burned out component/trace. The only solution unless you can find out exactly where it is shorting using a multimeter, is to replace the motherboard; and even still, you may not be able to repair it if is in a middle layer on the board. And where you didn't "bake" the board in an oven to completely dry it, it could be corroded where you can't see it.

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Honest answers, is it prob toast?. I would say YES it is..

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.
If this information is useful, please mark as helpful. Thanks.

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Look for a local computer shows

by DadsPad In reply to help my laptop is fried!! ...

they often have people that sell used laptops of all brands, including Dell. Other sources are local govenments that sell replaced equipment, so search local gov website frequently. Search the internet for used laptops.

You may just have to bite the bullet if the laptop was important. :)

Good luck.

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