HELP! My PCs got blown during a lightning

By jasminbrahim ·
A strong lightning tripped my house circuit breaker but does this save my 2 PCs. My husband & I were working on both PCs when there when a great lightning happened. Power supply to the house got tripped and at the same time, one of the PCs gave a loud 'pop'. I wasn't sure which PC emitted that sound. However, one of the PCs would not turn on again. The other one could be turned on but there was no hard disk activity, therefore no booting occured. What should I do?

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I would not use ether computer

by zlitocook In reply to HELP! My PCs got blown du ...

Until you open them up and look at the main board and power supply. Look to see if there are any burn marks on the main board. Smell the power supply to see if it smells like it was burnt.
It may not have hurt your hard drive, if the computers will not respond. Try putting them into a known good computer to see if you can access them. If a computer is damaged by a storm or any electrical appliance it may be covered by your insurance.
Never trust a computer that was hit by lighting, you do have back ups right?
I would take the computers to a repair shop to see if they can tell you if they are ok.

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Thank you for advice...

by jasminbrahim In reply to I would not use ether com ...

Thanks zlito! What you've advised is exactly that..I've opened up them and have checked for any burnt smell. There wasn't any smell detected on either of them. Anyway, my next move is to go to the computer repair shop and see what they can do about it.

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Check out both power supplies

by mjd420nova In reply to HELP! My PCs got blown du ...

Power supplies are the first line of defense in the unit. They do have circuitry to prevent surges from damaging the rest of the unit. Replace both power supplies. Start with the one that's dead, if that revives it, switch it to the other one and see if it comes back to life, it it does, then get a second supply and you'd be back in business. If the second one doesn't work, look into getting a new hard drive. If you are in a lightning prone area, I'd look into getting a small UPS to act as a sheild to protect them in the future. You don't need a big one, just one to protect your machines. Surge suppressors on the power strips are nice, but won't really protect against lightning.

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Thanks for your advice..

by jasminbrahim In reply to Check out both power supp ...

Thank you mjd420nova! I will definitely give it a try..

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to protect against

by Jaqui In reply to Check out both power supp ...

lightning strikes there are two viable options other than an UPS, they are a Ground Fault Interrupt circuit and a special circuit breaker for in the box designed to protect the house against such incedents.

the ups option is not 100% relaible at protecting against the surge from a lightning strike.
We have had 4 power outages hit this year, caused by the explosion of transformers only a block from the building, after the 4th one My hardware became unstable and I have been fighting to get functional operating systems since.
[ 6 weeks ]
A transformer blowing is far less power surge than a lightning strike yet it made it through a ups.

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Thank you Jacqui...

by jasminbrahim In reply to to protect against

I've been hearing that UPS is a better option than a surge suppressor but from what you are telling me, even that's not 100% reliable. I now realise that UPS do not function as protectors but are actually just alternate temporary power supply. Will keep your advice in mind..thank u!

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