Help! my windows XP Stucks regularly

By pathmakumaraad ·
Hi all,
I am using windows XP OS and my computer is an old one(pentium 4). It used to work without any trouble. But from several months it stucks when working. At the movement I can't use the computer because it stuck within few minutes from strat. Processor temperature is indicated as 70 C(aproximately). I have installed 3 RAMs(512,256,256). Motherboard is gigabyte. If anyone can help, I am so gladful. It is not possible buy a computer at the movement.


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Your CPU is running far too hot ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Help! my windows XP Stuck ...

You need to open the PC case and give it a good clean out using a can of compressed air.

You should pay particular attention to the heatsink / fan sitting on top of the CPU. Direct the airflow into the crevices all round the heatsink and **** out all the dust.

While you are using the compressed air you should HOLD the fan blades, preventing it from moving because it can turn the wrong way and generate electrical charge, sending it back onto the motherboard causing damage.

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If it has been running

by Jacky Howe In reply to Help! my windows XP Stuck ...

for several years it would be a good idea to reseat the CPU and apply new grease. How long have you been running it with that RAM configuration. If it is only recently it could be contributing to your lockups.

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Oops !! - I was thinking ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to If it has been running

"stucks" meant shutdown.

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by Jacky Howe In reply to Oops !! - I was thinking ...

I wasn't really sure myself but having different RAM I added the extra. I had two Systems come in from the same client experiencing exactly the same symptoms, locking up. At a quick glance the RAM looked identical until I removed it from each System. Same size but different manufacturers. They both worked perfectly on either of the sticks but not when they were together.

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My guess also head is the problem

by pathmakumaraad In reply to Oops !! - I was thinking ...

What I meant by stuck is that I only can see a image on monitor and it nerver recovers(remain hours and hours same).I though that is a hardware(VGA,RAM configuration) problem. When the computer stuck I can do nothing. Even I can't move the mouse pointer. Just only a image on the screen. Sometimes it happens when the computer is booting and booting process stop with an image on the screen. My doubt is that this is problem or VGA or processor. Becase both are getting very high temperature

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Well if you are seeing a image on the Monitor

by OH Smeg In reply to My guess also head is the ...

Have you tried a Boot Disc to see if the system actually works?

You can get the Ultimate Boot CD from here

Make a CD out of the Download and slip it into the Optical Drive. You may be required to reset the Boot Order int he BIOS to Boot off the Optical Drive First.

Then boot off the CD that you have made and if the system continues to run you can test the Hardware. Start off with the Memory and work your way thought the entire system.

Also have you tried Booting in Safe Mode? If not try it and make a note of where the system Hangs. the last listed Driver is what is causing the problem.


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Knowing the model of the M'Board wouldn't hurt

by OH Smeg In reply to Help! my windows XP Stuck ...

But the most obvious thing is Mismatched RAM.

Assuming that it is DDR1 RAM you should be using pairs of RAM in Color Matched Sockets and ideally install as much as the M'Board can carry. I have several 1.7 GIG P4's running quite nicely with 2 GIG of RAM Installed. If you have one of the HTT CPU's and the M'Board fully supports that you should get even better performance.

The other thing to check is the HDD for possible failures so get yourself a copy of the Ultimate Boot CD available here from the Listed download site not the yellow add.

Then test the RAM while it all may be all perfectly OK if it's from different Makers or Speeds there is quite likely to be Timing Issues which causes the system to Lock Up. While ideally 1 GIG is OK with XP it's better to have more if the M'Board can carry it and it's much better to have identical RAM. But no matter what you should read the M'Board Manual from Gigabyte to see what you can use with this M'Board.

After you test the RAM remember to test the rest of the Hardware as well. Also if the system runs perfectly well off the Ultimate Boot CD and continues to fall over when you start Windows you need to do a Repair Install of Windows by following the directions here

If you have a M$ Branded Install Disc follow the directions in Method 2 but after you have finished that you will need to reinstall any Hot Fixes & Service Packs that where released after the Install Disc was made.


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Possible solution

by iant2009 In reply to Help! my windows XP Stuck ...

I had the same problem a couple weeks ago. The cause was the dust from inside the computer. If you clean the dust the temperature of the processor it will be normal: 30-40 C. Maybe if you reinstall the OS should help.

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Might be hardware

by dleon63 In reply to Help! my windows XP Stuck ...

It might be something that you recently installed to upgrade. Remove whatever it is and start the pc. Check the rams. You may have to unistall them one by one - restarting and using the pc each time to find out which one or which ones is/are causing it. Hope you solve the issue.

If not hardware,then you may have to re-install XP either clean one or repair.

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