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    Help naming new company


    by mjbasford ·

    Hello everyone

    I am starting a computer repair/sales/general technology company in my local area and i am having difficulties deciding on a name (yes i have searched and read the previous posts about this)

    I have several ideas listed no particular, was wondering if i could get some input, remember this is a local company. (FYI my name is Basford and my initials are MJB)

    1. Atomic Technologies of Williamsburg
    2. MJB Technologies of Williamsburg
    3. MJB Tech
    4. Basford Technologies of Williamsburg (acronym is BTW)
    5. Basford Tech
    6. Alpha Technologies of Williamsburg

    Any and all input is greatly appreciated, as are any additional suggestions for names. Thank you all in advance.


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      How about ‘Computing Technologies’?

      by charliespencer ·

      In reply to Help naming new company

      None of your other names tell potential customers what you do. The ‘Atomic Technologies’ is especially poor at reflecting what you do. Unless you plan to franchises regionally, I’d drop the ‘of Williamsburg’; it’s just extra characters you’ll have to type, write on check and contracts, etc.

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      Stick with just

      by santeewelding ·

      In reply to Help naming new company


      Then, set out to make it a household name within your radius of expertise and operation.

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