Help! Need Managed Hoasting company with minimal Downtime

By Nickdogg ·
I have a small computer company called No Built-Stock Computers. I have been through **** and back trying to get hosting company's with minimal downtime. Our business can't afford this. So I'm asking if anyone knows of an IT company that meet my requirements of reliability, that is, guaranteed uptime. Feel free to add any additional things I need to look for in an IT company as well.

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I haven't had any trouble with

by MorrisNTex In reply to Help! Need Managed Hoasti ...
I've used them for about 4 yrs now and they've only had 3 outages - 2 which were planned and done very late night (or very early morning), the third time was very brief maybe 20 minutes sometime not long after I first signed up with them. Very reasonably priced and numerous options.
Hope that helps!

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Re: Managed Hosting Company

by PCMic In reply to Help! Need Managed Hoasti ...

I'm actually looking for a similar IT company and hugely prioritizing reliability and efficiency as well. I've heard some positive feedback from friends of mine who've used services from Best IT and I've seen their website too.
I have no way of confirming these from experience but my friends say that they're very proactive, efficient, and rates are really reasonable. Has anybody else used Best IT before? Any feedback?

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Help! Need managed hosting company with minimal downtime

by astepabove In reply to Help! Need Managed Hoasti ...

We are extremely satisfied with our managed hosting company, Best IT.

One thing that makes them different from some other managed hosting companies is their ability to come up with IT solutions and implement them effectively.

And, their knowledge of business management is very helpful. Too often, hosting companies just know only the IT side of the business, which can create more problems than they solve.

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Why not make your own server, it is often cheaper

by Slayer_ In reply to Help! Need Managed Hoasti ...

If you don't require a high bandwidth website, you should be able to just make your own server. A normal desktop computer can be configured to be a server no problem. Though I suggest using a high end desktop, proper motherboard, etc. Don't use a 200 dollar Dell or something.

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