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HELP! Need sample complaint letter

By TechWantaBe ·
Would appreciate template or sample of a customer service complaint letter. Want to write Dell about 3-month ordeal that did get resolved, but took many daily calls to overseas cust serv reps that often lasted 30 min to 2 hours each. Ordeal very frustrating and time consuming. Have a 21-page typed log detailing all dates, times, contact names, ph #s called, & details of calls.

Would also appreciate suggestions on where/who to send letter to, in the USA please.

Thank you for all suggestions!

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What is your objective?

by DC Guy In reply to HELP! Need sample complai ...

The tone, content, and recipient of your letter are determined by what you expect to accomplish.

Do you want Dell to give you some money? You can usually browbeat a corporation into giving you a gift certificate, extended warranty, free accessory, something like that. But not money. That other stuff doesn't cost them anything.

Do you want someone at Dell to apologize? That's also easy because it also doesn't cost them anything. The letter of apology will probably even come with a gift certificate, extended warranty, or free accessory.

Do you want someone at Dell to feel bad? That's difficult. They have people whose job it is to ready fifty letters like yours every day. They don't get very excited about them and they very seldom pass them along to someone who will unless it's so badly written as to be humorous. Nonetheless they will write you a letter and tell you how sorry they are, and perhaps send you a gift certificate, an extended warranty, or a free accessory. But they're not sorry at all, because if they didn't get letters like yours they wouldn't have a job.

Do you want Dell to correct its faults so nobody else has to endure what you went through? I don't quite know what to say to that one. Little you versus big Dell, big Dell versus little you, I can't get past that image in my mind. Writing to Dell isn't the answer because they'll assume that they can mollify you by giving you a gift certificate, extended warranty, or free accessory, because it works with almost everyone else. Find or form a consumer group; there is strength in numbers. You shouldn't have much trouble finding other unhappy customers of almost any corporation. Every product has a defect rate and every customer service system has flaws, with the possible exception of the most exalted and expensive like Mercedes-Benz.

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Sad, but so true...

by TechWantaBe In reply to What is your objective?

You make some excellent points!

I intended to send a brief letter and a copy of the detailed journal to each executive board member, hoping that one of them will take action. I was unable to determine the best person or department head to send my complaint to, as I dealt with a few departments (India, Phillipines & subcontractors here in the US) Not seeking financial compensation but would appreciate some type of acknowledgement. Want to request the same 4-year warranty coverage originally purchased to cover new system with an effective date of when I rec'd it instead of just transferring remaining time to new system.

Thank you for pointing out the reality of what I can expect. Customer service and companies standing behind their products seems to be a thing of the past

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Mercedes-Benz - You Mean DaimlerChrysler

by Wayne M. In reply to What is your objective?

Sorry to disillusion you, but Mercedes - Benz is no longer a paragon of product quality nor of customer service. I can state that from both personal experience as the owner of my first (and last) Mercedes and from general reporting of Mercedes quality problems in the business section of the newspaper.

I'm sorry but you struck a raw nerve of mine concerning poor quality products and cheat the customer service.

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Rant Continued

by Wayne M. In reply to Mercedes-Benz - You Mean ...

Wouldn't you know it! Within 10 minutes of posting the previous message, my wife called and her car, the Mercedes, was broken down. She was taking my son, who had a stomache virus to the doctor's office and the car stopped dead at a stop light. I got the car started, my son to the doctor, and the car to the mechanic. My son will be okay, though he is off pizza for a couple of days. After 4 hours, I still have not received my "within the hour" call back from the mechanic.

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Your name and your letter

by maxwell edison In reply to HELP! Need sample complai ...

April 18, 2006

Mr. Michael Dell
One Dell Way
Round Rock, TX 78682

Re: Losing Dell customers

Dear Mr. Dell,

I'm writing to inform you that I have purchased my last Dell computer. I have no reason to believe that you really care, however, as no one else in your organization appears to. Moreover, as a small fish in a big sea of computer buyers, the measly several dozen computers I buy annually won't put a dent in your annual revenues. And I doubt if I know enough people to make much of a difference, either. After all, I only know scores of technical people, CIOs, network administrators, and such; so you will probably not notice my word-of mouth suggestion that they, too, avoid Dell computers like the plague.

Okay, I might have misspoke just a bit, and I should have said that I "may" have purchased my last Dell computer, and I "may" spread negative word-of-mouth reviews of Dell products and Dell customer support. How you reply to this letter, after all, will greatly influence my decision.

If I'm wrong, and you really do care about your customers, please have someone contact me for the particulars of, what I consider, the most dreadful computer experience of my 20-plus years in the Information Technology industry.

Warmest Regards,

John Q. Customer

Mr. Kevin B. Rollins
President and Chief Executive Officer
One Dell Way
Round Rock, TX 78682

(Edited to add the C.C. - so you'll need to send TWO letters.)

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Phone broken?

by Oz_Media In reply to HELP! Need sample complai ...

If you want to make a dent, find out who's in charge and pick up a phone. YES, of course you can get through to him/her, you can reach Gates if you try hard enough.

Get on the phone, do some work. Emails, letters in snail mail can and will be answered by any schmuck paid to reply to po'd clients.

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Can You Say Consumer Protection?

by john.bruette In reply to Phone broken?

I don't know where you are from, but if you are in the States, each state has a Consumer Protection agency. Contact this agency and file a complaint. Include your log with the complaint. It may or may not get you what you are looking for. Including the fact that you have filed a formal complaint in your letter to Dell may help get you what you are looking for.

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Complaint Format

by Wayne M. In reply to HELP! Need sample complai ...

I can't provide an actual template, but following the age old "say it three times" approach would be a good start. Organize your letter similar to the following three parts.

First paragraph, two sentences. First, summarize your complaint ("I am displeased that ..."). Second sentence, state your desired response ("I wish Dell to ...").

Second and following paragraphs, provide the details of the problem. This would be a chronological sequence, though the 21 pager is probably over kill. Target the entire letter for 1 - 3 pages, with a strong leaning toward 1 page.

Closing paragraph, three sentences. First sentence, provide a little bit of face saving, but reiterate what was in the first sentence of the letter ("I am sure that it is not common practice for Dell to leave its customers feeling ..."). Second sentence, restate your desired result from the second sentence of the letter ("I look forward to hearing that Dell ..."). Third sentence, provide a slight opening for discussion or negotiation ("If additional information or further discussion of this matter is desired, please contact me as listed below.").

Simply, tell them what you want. Tell them the detials. Tell them what you just told them. This is quite an effective format for any written communication.

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Check Local Support in your area

by staterh In reply to HELP! Need sample complai ...

Hello, you must have probably checked with their local support team. If possible you can call them for a meeting & not solving the problem or you can go & meet their head - customer care or head -technical support.

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