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help! need tcp/ip guide for work!

By andrewvranjes ·
hi there!

i have just started working as a it support officer for a petroleum company in australia. i am having MAJOR problems with there network, it is not very organsied. some computers are connected to the network but dont appear on our nt3 file print server, but they have full access. some other computers i am 99% sure i have setup the networking options correctly but they just wont connect! where should i start, im up to my neck ! all the workstations are win98, with intel pro100s network cards. i can ping the server from one particular machine, but i cant load the sql database from it! im going crazy!

can some one recommend some books for me? or some network flow chart of errors please!

im available at work at

please help!


Andrew Vranjes

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by djent In reply to help! need tcp/ip guide f ...

For openers upgrade NT3 to NT4 or W2K, TCP/IP is a little flakey on NT3. Check to see if NETBIOS for TCP/IP is enabled. Check for conflicting IP address and compatable subnet. Are clients sharing files? If not they may not be found by server, check user login, passwords and rights. Any decent "using NT" book should give you enough info. You could look at MS Technet for more tips.

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sorry, i am on nt4

by andrewvranjes In reply to

yeah im on nt4, nt3 was a typo.

you you think ms technet is the way to go? whats its web addy?


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by djent In reply to sorry, i am on nt4

Go to, choose support and other appropriat menu tree options to arrive at the knowledge base for your OS. the actual address is probably 100 charactors long, navigation on the site sucks but the info is there if you can find it.

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by ghstinshll In reply to help! need tcp/ip guide f ...

look through for LMHOSTS and learn about them,
then implement them on all machines to see if that will help. NT3 doesn't
have much for cummunications standards, so those should help. Will be
tougher to admin than a 2K DNS system, so you seriously need to upgrade to
Windows 2000. Your justification? You obviously don't have any experience
with NT (who really does when it comes to NT3), and there's no training out
there for that. Windows 2000 has a 99.9% relibility ratio and is much more
reliable and stable than your current systems, which will reduce your
support costs as well, from the server AND your desktops... Research it and
make sure your employer knows they have little choice but to upgrade since
they are probably down at least what, 15-20% in some form or another? It's
been at least 5-6 years since they invested in any infrastructure, so it's
time they made a serious investment in updates, and created a serious budget
to keep them runningin the future....

Jason Williamson

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