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By Grant750 ·
Tags: Malware
Ok, my cousin was doing something dumb. He made a texting program, and added code for Alexa into it. Then, overnight it morphed into... something else. It started swearing at him, and opening ramdom pictures, and even turned the lights on and off and opened the garage. Then, it connected to a speaker and played music. Now, it still does random things and texts me. And it texts me in upside down letters. Virus detectors can't seem to see it. Now, it has turned into a goose that walks around on the screen and pulls up random things, it will leave muddy footprints, and attack his mouse. We don't know what do do! We can't delete it - it hides it's file and disguises it we think. And when we find the file, it says it cannot be deleted, and to open in a new program. It's very annoying. Any ideas on how to fix this?

Update: just found out the "goose" is a program called a desktop goose. Just watched a video with my cousin of it, and we did what the video said for how to delete it, but it won't work. It says we "need permission from owner". And there are no owners on the list it provides. It says 0 out of 0 owners or something of the like.
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