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help needed!!!

By tinidillan561 ·
hi iv been on a few chat sites asking for help but because its not there product there unable to help me so i thought ill ask on here, I'm after a computer wizz that has a spear 5 mins to help me, if ur available and u no about developers tools can u please contact me, I'm not going to say on here coz then ill end up getting frustrated. so if you have time please contact me.

thank you in advance for your time
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Might help ........

by birdmantd Moderator In reply to help needed!!!

.... if you identify what you need. Hard to help without that information. Advice on an internet site like this is free but without more details we can't tell how to help.

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Re: developer tools

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to help needed!!!

Developers are supposed to be able to solve most problems with their tools themselves, unless these problems are so unique that no hint or solution can be found by googling.
And quite a lot work in a team with more experienced members that can help them if they have a difficult issue.

If you want help here, we really need to know the details of your problem.

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