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By thomasrules ·
Ok hello I would like to say that I have been working on this problem for months and months and haven't been able to fix it so please be patient and help me as much as anyone can PLEASE.
I'm getting monitor flickering that turns black when on desktop or any white coloured screen i.e. internet explorer, outlook express etc.
I have tried re-install xp and alot of other things but first I would like to here your opinion about this.
System specs: AMD Athlon 1200, 256 RAM, Video card GeForce 2 MX 100/200

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by sgt_shultz In reply to HELP NEEDED DESPERATELY.. ...

have you the latest geforce driver installed?
what version of directx is installed?
have you trouble-shot this on the nvidia website?
have you all your windows sp's installed?
when you run in Safe mode, can you reproduce the problem?
have you tried turning up/down your video acceleration settings in Performance

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in addition to Shultzs suggestions, have you tried another monitor to see if it to has the same problem cropping up? if not, could be a bad monitor.

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by CG IT In reply to

I know Nuth Ing Nuth Ing

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by thomasrules In reply to HELP NEEDED DESPERATELY.. ...

OK it is not my monitor I have just tested it and same problems occur.

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by thomasrules In reply to

Yes I have the latest Geforce Installed and the latest directx 9.0b. Can you give me the Nvidia website please. What are windows sp's? When I turn it into safe mode the problem tends to go away and I have tried to play with the acceleration and still no solution.

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by nu4ever In reply to HELP NEEDED DESPERATELY.. ...

Sounds to me that your video card is going out. I would say to get an another video card and try it. If your video card is one that is on the mother board you will have to disable the card to install the new one.

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by bwells47 In reply to HELP NEEDED DESPERATELY.. ...

Have you checked the settings in the bios for the agp? Set it at least doubled in the bios, and make sure it is set to look to agp, not pci. It wouldn't hurt to try if you have tried everything else. Also you could try uninstalling the drivers, go to the nvidia website(do a search in google for and download the driver on to your desktop.When you uninstall the drivers, set it up for vga in the settings in display, in the control panel. (click the advanced button, and adapter) Then run the program to install the drivers, then reboot. The computer should pick it up itself, and you would have a new installation, and see if that does it. Sometimes the downloads can goof up, and be corrupt. Good luck. Bev

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by wmarr In reply to HELP NEEDED DESPERATELY.. ...

Dear Desperate, I am thinking that you have a very high end video card and a very low end (low cost) 0r older monitor. The older or low end monitors won't refresh the screen or write to it, as fast as your super duper video card. Try just using a basic driver for your OS or a low end video card just to see it if makes a difference. At least you will be able to figure out which device is causing the problem. hope this helps.

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by thomasrules In reply to HELP NEEDED DESPERATELY.. ...

Thanks for you input.

I have a Geforce 2 MX 200 with latest drivers. My monitor is pretty old but I have been using this card and this monitor for at least 2 years. And now this problem started so can it still be because of new card and old monitor?

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by AaronTech In reply to HELP NEEDED DESPERATELY.. ...

A couple of things to try:

1) Experiment with different refresh rates
2) Check to see if any electronic devices like a fan or fish tank might be causing interference.

To change refresh rates: Right click on any open space of the desktop then click properties from the context menu. Within the desktop properties left click on the Settings tab to display setting. Click on the advanced button. In the dialog box click on the MONITOR tab and where it says "Screen refresh rate" select the lowest rate and then click APPLY. Test all refresh rates until you find the highest one where the problem does not exist and stick with that one.

If a Fan, air conditioner or other electronic device is close to your monitor turn it off and bring up internet explorer again to see if the problem still exists. IF the problem goes away you might have to move that electronic device to another location. I hope this helps you. Good luck!

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