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Help needed in understanding linux directories

By DaveDXB ·
Hi all, im about to get really deep into linux....step by step of course...and i would appreciate your support.

As we have in Microsoft Windows the following directoriies:

Documents and Settings:
user and application files and settings are stored here.

Program Files:
Installed profram files located here

System files located here

Would you be kind enough to briefly describe what are located in the following directories:

Some are obvious and easy, but please try and include them all for others to know (who are not that smart to figure it out themselves).


I currently have a FEDORA CORE

web server
email server

hosted on the internet. Before i start to secure / optimize the system. I need to know whats installed, where its installed, etc.
The listed directories have been taken from there.

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Quick break down

by jmgarvin In reply to Help needed in understand ...

I blogged about this:**7&messageID=1845635&id=4093177

/backup - put your backup files here (I suggest tar and gzip, but you can use cpio if you wish)
/bin - executable stuff lives here. Commands like ls or grep
/boot - Your kernel and your grub directory (and grub.conf)
/dev - hardware devices live here. Your hardware will map to devices on the system (eg your hdd will map to /dev/hda and each piece is a partion on the drive)
/etc - System stuff lives here. Things like the samba configuration file and the boot options and run level options.
/home - Users live here. Kinda like My Documents, but far more robust
/lib - libaries that you system needs
/lost+found - If something that the system doesn't know what to do with happens, it ends up here
/media - typically where your "soft" mounts are. Things like the CD, DVD, USB, and other media can live here.
/mnt - depricated
/opt - typically for add on apps and such
/root - this is root's home directory
/proc - info about your system and process on your system are here
/selinux - This is kernel hardening stuff
/usr - User libs and such live here
/var - logs (for the most part) live here. Make sure to rotate your logs (syslogd is nice) or you'll be in for some pain

Stuff in Linux typically installs in either /bin, /sbin, or /etc. However, almost all configuration files are in /etc.

What Fedora Core version are you running? 5 is pretty flakey, but they have excellent SATA support. I'd suggest running a more robust distro for a web server. OpenSuSe, Gentoo, and Debian are nice and Red Hat Enterprise isn't too expensive.

To optimize the system, what are you looking to do? I suggest booting into run level 3 and not using the GUI (waste of resources)...

Does that help?

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Thank you

by DaveDXB In reply to Quick break down

That definitly helped me understand my way round.

Im stuck with Fedora from a web hosting company.

But they give us full support.

Now im just trying to see what already installed and how its already configured...

then ill install stuff i need and configgure it to my liking.

example firewalls.. APF - BFD
Back ups and so on.

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firewall => iptables

by jmgarvin In reply to Thank you

I've also blogged about that. You can also check out the various apps installed in the GUI or with rpm -qa

Good luck ;-)

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