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By john.a.wills ·
I have Word 97 running under Windows XP. I currently need help with getting the page numbers in a table of contents mapping to the appropriate pages. I have done this in the past, indeed with the same document that I am currently working on, but I have forgotten the technique. So I click Help, and within that Contents and Index, when I get a complaint about wdmain8.hlp, which I am apparently to install. On searching, I find wdmain8.hlp in the same folder (Program Files/Microsoft Office/Office) as the Word 97 program (WINWORD.EXE). How do I install what seems to be there already?

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Not sure, but you may need a different version of WinHelp32.exe

Since Word 97 was targeted toward Win95/98, the WinHlp32.exe that comes with
later versions of Windows might not handle the older format. This is just a best
guess. So you might have to find an old Win9X installation and copy the executable.
to say winhlp32.bak or some such. OR, when you paste in the old winhelp, rename
it (the old version) to something like winhlp329x.exe, then launch it by double clicking on SHOULD
if all goes well, launch and give a search capability for "help files" then just navigate
to the wdmain8.hlp file you have.

ps...thought of something else you can try. In your Windows folder,
usually C:\Windows, you should have two Windows Help executables,
WinHelp.exe and WinHlp32.exe...highlight the WinHelp.exe to start
it, then navigate to your Word folder and see if this opens that help
file (this one is used for old 16 bit help files).

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