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Help needed w/ random freezing, system clock changing, BIOS settings?

By k_c_v ·
Hi community.

I have a compaq M700 laptop, 650mhz, 192mb ram, 12g hd running Windows XP Professional SP2 w/ latest updates.

This unit has performed admirably for the few months I've had it. Used it often, with no problems.

However the other day when I woke it from standby mode, it froze with a blank black screen. I restarted and Windows loaded. As soon as I opened a program (I believe it was iExplorer), Windows froze again and I had to reboot. Upon rebooting, I recieved some form of error regarding the BIOS settings, and it asked if I wanted to change them to default. I pressed an F-key and continued booting. Windows started again, and the system clock was changed. I performed an antivirus scan with AVG, nothing was found. After another freeze, the clock changed again to a different time, then I just shut it down and left it.

I'm not sure what to think. The time indicates a CMOS battery, but I really don't think this would cause random freezing. AVG produced no viruses, but would it necessarily find everything? My next thought was a memory test; but again, there are multiple symptoms.

Any help would really be appreciated.

Also, if anyone can recommend repair services for a laptop which needs motherboard repair (solder work), please do.


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One or two

by jdmercha In reply to Help needed w/ random fre ...

So is the laptop that is failing the same laptop that needs soldering? That would be a big clue. Otherwise I've seen similar behavior caused by a dead CMOS battery.

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sounds like the CMOS battery to me....

by --Loki-- In reply to One or two

That would cause those symptoms... But don't rule out a combination of issues... such as overheating, or failing memory, or a failing hard disk....

Also... if you simply booted straight into windoze without resetting the BIOS settings after the failure, then there may be settings that control the hard disk, that control processor speed, that control power management and hibernation, that control IRQ settings, that control temperature management... All of which need to be checked and if applicable, reset to the proper settings.... power management settings especially, as these can cause conflicts with the OS that can cause freezing up....

Test this.... unplug the laptop and remove the laptop battery... leave it for a little while... the put the battery back in and plug it back in.... have you lost date/time again? Replace the CMOS battery.... then reset all your settings in the BIOS and see if you're good to go....

if you still have issues after that, then do a full hard disk scan, and check for faulty memory, and check for overheating...

Hope this helps!

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Reply - Cmos Battery

by k_c_v In reply to sounds like the CMOS batt ...

LokeanWolf - Thanks a lot for your reply!

I went ahead ordering a new CMOS battery earlier today.

The clock had actually changed twice, 2 different times. Strangely, the unit was plugged in, and the battery installed, when this happened. Laptops are different though :)

I did read about a specific issue regarding the M700 and the mutli-bay device being the 1st boot device, over the hard drive.

I will follow up with what I find after replacing CMOS battery.

Thanks again, Kevin

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CMOS Battery Replaced

by k_c_v In reply to Reply - Cmos Battery


I replaced the CMOS and all symptoms have been eliminated.

Thank you for helping!


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Still shutting down

by k_c_v In reply to sounds like the CMOS batt ...

Ok I spoke too soon.

The problem has definately improved, but this thing is still shutting down after using for a while.. and it won't restart unless I UNplug it, plug it back in, first.

The available BIOS settings on this thing are very minimal, so I didn't see any that might have changed as the result of a dead CMOS battery.

Temperature? If so, why now?

Again any help is appreciated - I've never struggled with a computer until I started working with Laptops :<

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