Help needed with Wifi router

By thefornax ·
Hi, i recently got a Belkin ADSL2+ Modem with wireless G Router. I have setup a secured network using the setup cd that was provided. If i have to access this network, i need provide DNS settings manually in the Lan settings. How do i configure the router such that, if i am trying to connect, say my laptop to this network, all that has to be provided is the passkey. Please help me out. Thanks.

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connect to the router

by w2ktechman In reply to Help needed with Wifi rou ...

and setup DHCP. It should have walked you through it on the install cd

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Help needed

by thefornax In reply to connect to the router

Yes, there is a CD provided that will help with setting up the network, but then every time i try to connect to my network from a different PC or laptop, i need to run this setup again is it? How can i make it such that, all i need to do is enter the password to connect to my network from any laptop? Thanks.

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You can't, otherwise anyone could connect without your knowledge...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Help needed

I doubt if you want to be beseiged by anonymous users ALL being able to connect to your network in secret.

How many wireless connections do you personally have access to anyway?

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3 laptops, but will be using more in future

by thefornax In reply to You can't, otherwise anyo ...

I have 3 laptops. If you go to any wifi enabled cafe, all you need to do is enter a password. I want my network to be like that, so that if i get a new laptop, i can connect to the network directly, with out entering settings like ip address, dns etc , by just entering the password.

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4 steps to set up your home wireless network. Read below... :)

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