Help, newly-built PC is dead in the water!

By twobrats64 ·
I just built a home PC based on a Biostar mobo and Celeron D 351 processor. When I power up, there are no POST beeps, no power or HDD lights, and the drives are dead. I know there's power because the CPU fan is working and the CPU gets warm. The drives are good (I took them from another system) and I've checked and double-checked the power supply, jumper settings, and all connections. Any ideas??

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methinks no beeps mean no BIOS

by sgt_shultz In reply to Help, newly-built PC is d ...

I have also had this problem when RAM was misinstalled or not quite seated so i'd try reseating all stuff that'll let you, in particular the processor, the ram and the BIOS. use static precautions, naturally. and inspect for physical damage such as bent pins. did you try reflashing the bios.
just 2 cents to give you some ideas until the hardware gurus hear can respond 'dead pc' is good search term to use on the mfg website's support section

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First Take Computer Out of the Water!

by pierrejamme In reply to Help, newly-built PC is d ...

You might also have a processor seating problem. do you get anything on the screen at all?
Is the video card the correct voltage for your mobo?
Like Sarg said, Charles will be along soon.

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This exact thing happenned to me

by TonytheTiger In reply to Help, newly-built PC is d ...

not long ago. It turned out to be the (brand new) power supply was bad. I put an old one in and it's working, and I'm waiting on the replacement for the bad one.

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CMOS Reset

by TheChas In reply to Help, newly-built PC is d ...

Check the position of the CMOS reset jumper.

Many motherboards ship with the CMOS reset jumper set to the reset position.

Also make sure that you have the Auxiliary power connector plugged in.


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by twobrats64 In reply to Help, newly-built PC is d ...

Thanks all for your advice. I had already tried clearing the CMOS with the jumpers, and also starting with only one of each memory stick at a time. I also confirmed the output of the power supply.

Any other thoughts?

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If the hard drive

by TonytheTiger In reply to DEAD PC UPDATE

won't spin up, and it works on a different machine, either the power supply isn't delivering enough current at 12 volts, or the 12 volts isn't switching on because all of the connections aren't 'making' in the motherboard connector. Another possibility: Are you trying to use a 20 pin power supply on a 24 pin motherboard, or vice versa?

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Just a thought

by rlambertsc In reply to Help, newly-built PC is d ...

This happened to me once. Turned out to be broken wire. It took forever to trace. Hopefully your problem will be much simpler.

- Ralph

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