Help! No internet using IE and/or Firefox... only through using AOL.

By slsdawg ·
I have a laptop on my home wireless network. The only way I can successfully access the internet is through using my AOL account. I cannot access the internet using Firefox nor Internet Explorer on my laptop. However, from my desktop pc which is not on the wireless network I can access the internet from all three browsers. Any advice on resolving my situation is much appreciated.

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Need clarification

by nepenthe0 In reply to Help! No internet using I ...

AOL is an Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Internet Explorer and Mozilla/Firefox are browser applications. You connect to the ISP through your installed browser. When you check your AOL e-mail, you do so through your browser.

Therefore, IE or Firefox is working on your laptop. If you have issues with IE, click Tools and reset both the Security and the Advanced tabs to their defaults.

If you have issues with Firefox, be advised that Mozilla has just posted v.3 beta on its website. Firefox v. 3 was recently lauded in a Wall Street Journal review by the Personal Technology guru, Walter Mossberg:

Please post back in this thread with clarification for futher assistance.

Rick/Portland, OR

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Some ISPs disallow browser direct access, Rick.

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Need clarification

My own ISP is Virgin.

Normally if the user is on contract with Virgin, they find themselves 'tied' to the Virgin portal to join the 'net.

It's only once you have 'tweaked the Virgin' (so to speak!) that simple browser access is achieved. :)

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Thanks, Pal

by nepenthe0 In reply to Need clarification

That explains it. AOL is connecting directly with its installed application. The first thing I do upon powerup of a new computer is uninstall all the C***ware on the desktop, so I never encountered this glitch.

slsdawg should have no further troubles once he uninstalls the horrid AOL application.

Rick/Portland, OR

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You don't need the AOL software on your laptop ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Help! No internet using I ...

Therefore, select it by whichever means at your disposal and uninstall it.

Shut down the laptop and reboot. DO NOT RESTART.

When the laptop is up and running again, enable your wireless network THEN switch the wireless transceiver ON.

The AOL installation is preventing your laptop from connecting on it's own to a wireless signal.

You only need the AOL software installed on the system that is hard-wired to the router.

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Absolutely right

by nepenthe0 In reply to Help! No internet using I ...

AOL software is wretched stuff to have on a laptop (or any computer, for that matter). Uninstall it:

Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs > AOL > Uninstall

Rick/Portland, OR

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