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Help! No VPN pass through via wireless connection

By kittielemieux ·
I have been working on this for a year - trying to scrape up help and ideas everywhere! Finding a wireless master is next to impossible. And my company "doesn't support it". Dell Latitude laptop running W2K with a Linksys 802.11b card. Access the company LAN via Cisco VPN Client. Connection logs do not indicate any obvious problem and my little lock locks stating the connection is secure. HOWEVER, it's as if I am not getting on the other side of the firewall or something... I can't ping any servers or even connect to the Exchange server. I have heard of others in the company with similar problems - that have eventually gotten it to work by having "an IT friend" fix it. Recently, that was the case with a guy that had the exact same hardware setup as me. When I had him ask his friend what he did - he didn't remember! Arghhh. Please help! I'll give you my first born child. I live in Saint Paul MN if you are available as a consultant! -- Danielle

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Hello Danielle...

Since you can establish the VPN tunnel successfully, I suspect an IP routing problem. Many companies employ MAC (Media Access Control) address filtering as a security measure. Each NIC has a globally unique MAC number (a 48 bit number). Routers can be configured to only allow packet routing from known MAC addresses.

You can determine the MAC number of your Linksys 80211b card via this command on Windows 2000:

ipconfig /all

The MAC number will have the label "physical address".

If your company uses MAC filtering, you will need to get your IT people to add your MAC address to the router.

Was this the problem?

-----Steve Jackson

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P.S. Can I help _MAKE_ your first born child? (joke! joke! just kidding!)

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by dustyD In reply to Help! No VPN pass throug ...

Are you trying to use Remote Desktop? Lots of people make the mistake of trying to use their router at home to establish a VPN to work. Use the Cisco VPN client only. Once connected, use Remote Desktop; you may need to use your IP address of your work computer if the Netbios name doesn't work.
What version of the Cisco VPN are you using?

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