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Help Node Type

By swat3commander ·
Hi I have some problems here I have ask a bunch of people to go to run and type in WINIPCFG.EXE and push ok and then go to more info and tell me whats your node type says they all say its brodecast name my name is Hybird so its different from all others I'm 56k and I think I was hacked almost and my node type is still the same name Hybird so my question is how do I change it back or how do I get this Hybird for its name off of it 2 days ago got a security alert got the address but he must haveip hiding program or something and I check my WINIPCFG.EXE and now its says node type Hybird I think it was not that name before need help changing it back.

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Help Node Type

by pschuvie In reply to Help Node Type

Well let's see first a bit of background - yes most common is broadcast but not specifically required to be such.

Broadcast. The computer will send out a broadcast to all computers on its local network to have the computer with the requested namesend back a confirmation with its IP address. B-node is the default node method for non-WINS clients.

Hybrid node. The computer will first query the WINS Server for the mapping, then if not successful, will use (up to) 3 b-node broadcasts. By inserting the IP address of the WINS Server in the computer's network properties, it defaults to H-node.

To alter which node your computer uses, you will need to make the proper changes in the DHCP Server. You will be prompted to give a value for thenode you wish to use.

Now most commonly the 56k would have "use DHCP" in the WINS tab of the dial up TCP/IP adaptor and nothing entered in the wins lookup value.

If however you have some local network setup or such where your controlling the DHCP then you would need to reset the node factor there. If the DHCP is from your ISP - which is most common then they would make the node change, or you might want to check with them about it.

The other way to reset things would be to uninstall and reinstall the dialup networking which would set it to the default B and then if it adjusts to H after connecting to the ISP then the control factor is coming from there.

I don't see a connection to a possible attack, but then that would depend on what you mean by alert and if it was outgoing or incoming generated.

Hope that helps

ps if you don't have a network running and your only connection is the 56k then you could also eliminate the netbios and ipx/spx protocols since they dontserve any purpose, tcp/ip is all you would need.

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Help Node Type

by swat3commander In reply to Help Node Type

Hi thanks for your help need that info what I had in was check allow network controls and for tcp.ip settings I had primary and secondary wins numbered which I done that a few days ago just to see any changes to my connection so that might be cause of the Hybird name for node type but what I did not know was with the netbeul and isp/spx boxes should not be checked because like I said just on a 56k dial up to isp and they did give me a ip address to put in dns boxes just a quick question when you said about uninstalling dial up what do you mean like just delete the dial up set up box where I can dial from and mak ea new dial up name and put back in my stuff ip,logo name ,pass ect or do you mean like going to add/remove and fine dial up in the list and redownload the dial up from windows up site??

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Help Node Type

by swat3commander In reply to Help Node Type

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