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    Help on Epson LQ-300


    by jandums ·

    our printer epson 300+ will not turn on when i put the printer head, but when i swap the head with the other printer the other printer works fine

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      by jandums ·

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      Make sure it is properly seated.

      by seanferd ·

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      Check it close up. It may be the result of a finicky safety switch of some sort.


      Oh, lovely:
      Nice. Work. Epson.

      End Of life Product means they’ll bother to engineer a site that directs you to a page with no content at all.

      I can’t offer you any specifics – no manual, no nothing. Not even a FAQ.

      Oh wait – a back door.

      Lol – wait – CompuServ support online! I’ve got a couple of old Epsons, too. Unfortunatley, no Compuserv

      Words of wisdom:
      Check that the power cord is properly plugged into the electrical outlet.
      If the electrical outlet is controlled by an outside switch or automatic timer, use a different outlet. Plug another electrical device, such as a lamp, into the outlet to
      determine whether the outlet is operating properly.

      Check that the printer?s voltage rating matches the voltage of your electrical outlet. If the voltages do not match, unplug the printer and contact your dealer immediately. Do not reconnect the power cord to an electrical outlet.

      Meh. This does not seem to cover your problem at all.

      Maybe check around in here.

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      You can also check any Micro Switches & Ribbon Cables

      by oh smeg ·

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      Located under the Print Head. Many times the Levers on these bend and stop the switch working so that disables the rest of the printer.

      The full User Manual for this printer is available here but I don’t know how well it will suit your needs. 😉

      The Technical Brief is available here

      The Printer Specifications are here

      and are probably the best thing to look at as there is no Service Manual available for this printer. However as I still use a LQ 400 I can tell you that they work till they die and if this one has stopped working it’s most likely that it has died and needs replacing. Unfortunately these are not easy to fix or repair and it’s cheaper to replace them. I use mine to cut stencils and as it’s only used rarely it’s not worth the cost repairing/replacing it.


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        A very, very

        by santeewelding ·

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        Twenty-first Century answer, into which I am also dragged kicking and screaming, to no avail.

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          Not something I like either

          by oh smeg ·

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          But when it costs 3 times the price of the original to repair it when it breaks you learn very quickly to buy new. 😉

          Not confined to just computers either I should add as there are many things way too expensive to repair when they can be replaced much cheaper.

          I find it offensive that this happens but I just have to live with it. Even that Clip On Motor for the Wifes Son’s push bike costs nearly as much to replace the Piston & Barrel than a new motor costs.

          Seems a waste to me but I don’t make the rules I just have to live with them. 😉


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