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By e.davies2 ·
i need more memory, currently i only have 4.01gb and i would like more, but i dont really know what i am looking for can someone help. my motherboard is a QDI,system buses=ISA(16)BIT,PCI=32BIT AND USB=AGP32 BIT. i can supply any more if needed i have win98se

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by valis In reply to HELP ON HARDDRIVES

pick up a new hard drive, ide, whatever size you can afford, and throw it in as a slave to the new drive.

one thing tho "memory" is usually a reference to how much RAM your computer has, not hard drive space

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by pctech In reply to HELP ON HARDDRIVES

Since your motherboard still has ISA on it, it is highly unlikely that the motherboard will see above a 20 gig hard drive. Check the motherboard manufacturer's website and get the specifics of the motherboard. There is usally a BIOS flash that will enable the motherboard to see a larger hard drive than as the motherboard was shipped. The BIOS flash will usually have an explaination of what issues it resolves and will tell you how large a drive it was designed to support.
Hard drives smaller than 40 gig are nearly impossible to obtain anymore. While larger drives will come with a utility to install an overlay for older systems that do not support the drive's full capacity, I would suggest getting a new motherboard that can take advantage of the new drive's performance capabilities. At the very least, get an above board IDE controller that can handle the full capacity of a new hard drive and it's speed capabilities. Even with this, the drive will still suffer from the slower CPU, ram, and bus system of the older motherboard. Full performance potentials will not be obtained.

I hope this helps you.

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by e.davies2 In reply to

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thnks for info pctech given me a little more knowledge into the workings of a computer

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by e.davies2 In reply to HELP ON HARDDRIVES

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