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i need more memory, currently i only have 4.01gb and i would like more, but i dont really know what i am looking for can someone help. my motherboard is a QDI,system buses=ISA(16)BIT,PCI=32BIT AND USB=AGP32 BIT. i can supply any more if needed i have win98se

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by dmiles In reply to HELP ON HARDDRIVES

A little confused,you state that you need hard drive help,but you start you question concerning memory

A little info about both,you will need to check the motherboard manufacturers web site to determine how old your system is,sounds as though you want to install a larger to which I gather you have a system more than three yrs old which will require a bios flash to add a larger hard drive.

The memory issue is one that you will need to reference the motherboard to see how much memory can be installed.

From specs you have listed you may want to invest in a new computer,rather than trying to update this system.

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by TheChas In reply to HELP ON HARDDRIVES

I assume that you have a 4GB hard drive, and need more space.

The first question is: What is the largest hard drive that the BIOS on your motherboard supports?

Common limits are 8.4 GB and 20 GB.

If you can't afford a newer system, I recommend that you purchase both a hard drive and a PCI IDE controller card.
The controller card will take care of any issues that your motherboard may have with large hard drives.

Next, do you want to keep or replace your old hard drive?

If you want to replace it, I recommend starting over, and installing Windows fresh on the new hard drive.

A few points to keep in mind:

It is best practice to have 2 hard drives that are connected to the same IDE cable made by the same manufacture. This avoids any compatibility issues.

Windows 98 has a limit of 96 GB for hard drive detection.
You can download a newer version of fdisk for Windows 98 that will work with drives up to 127GB.

Some IDE controllers and BIOS combinations have issues with hard drives larger then 32GB under Windows 98.

If you buy a new hard drive that is larger than 20 GB, you may want to set up multiple partitions and logical drives.
There is a good article on this at www.aumha.org


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by e.davies2 In reply to

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thnx again chas , i think there is enough info there that i can get on with . yes you are right i am a pensioner and cant afford a new computer so thnz again

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by e.davies2 In reply to HELP ON HARDDRIVES

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