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Help on how to access mac laptop HD by using a windows desktop

By kurukwizt ·
can anyone please teach me how i could access my mac laptops HD by using a desktop with windows on it? the reason why im trying to access my laptops HD is so i could try and recover or salvage a deleted file... well the file was deleted when my laptop's OS crashed and was already reformatted... is this even possible?
any help would be greatly appreciated... thanks in advance...

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Extremely difficult task...

by SmartAceW0LF In reply to Help on how to access mac ...

Let me see if I understand your scenario correctly. You wish to recover a file on the macintosh drive that was present on the drive at one time, but has since been formatted and the Mac operating system installed over the top of this file. AND you wish to do this from a Windows machine. If that is the correct scenario, your chances are slim to none without enlisting a very expensive Data Recovery specialist to do the job and even then its a very "iffy" scenario. As for reading a mac drive from a windows machine, that is not a difficult task with the correct software and equipment. Neither of which are unreasonably priced. I estimate less than 100.00 USD in total. But given that there is in fact systematic damage to the file in question, you will also need some sort of data recovery software made to recover data from an HPFS file system and do this from a windows machine. I have attempted this very task and my money says it was bitterly wasted. I might add also that the drive I was attempting to recover files from in this manner was NOT formatted and OS reinstalled. It had quite simply been "initialized" when attached to the windows machine. This resulted in damage to the partition tables this is true. But that sort of damage is not so difficult to repair as your situation. Should you be interested in pursuing it anyway, feel free to contact me and I will provide links to the necessary software and such. Good luck.

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