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    help on joining two tables


    by shabana1128 ·

    I am new to SQL server.Working for SQL Server 2000.
    I have two tables which are related twice
    as my first table(master) is having a column named “KeyId” and
    second table(child) is containing two columns AttrId ,Units# these two are foreign keys to the single column “KeyId” of first table(master).

    I need to get the matching values of the two Columns from a single query which am unable to get.

    The query which i used is

    select Dic.AttrName as PropName, mat.AttrValue, mat.AttrMinValue, mat.AttrMaxValue,Dic.Category,Dic1.AttrName
    from Materials mat, DictionaryTable Dic ,DictionaryTable Dic1
    where mat.Rspec# =@p1 and
    mat.Rev# =@p2 and
    Dic.Category like @p3 and
    mat.AttrId = Dic.KeyId and
    mat.Units# = Dic1.KeyId

    Pls suggest me a better approach how to join the two tables twice?…

    thanks in advance..


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