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    HELP on monitoring Exchange 5.5 email


    by netwill ·

    We are using Exchange 5.5 as email server. Each client’s Outlook is set to receive email to his own .pst file.

    My questions:
    Without changes on client side, how can I monitor “just one” recepient’s all incoming and outgoing emails.

    Can this be done with Exchange? If so, how? If not, any third party tools?

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      HELP on monitoring Exchange 5.5 email

      by steve cody ·

      In reply to HELP on monitoring Exchange 5.5 email

      You will have to check privacy policies for this one, but you can set up an alternate recipient for this mailbox. You can have email delivered to both the recipient, and the alternate. You do this in the Ex. Administrator program. Go to the user’s mailbox, and to the Delivery Options tab, and select the Alternate recipient, and check the box to deliver to both.

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