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By Norehca ·
i have several problems / questions:

1. when installing multiple OS's, do i use primary or logical partitions for those?

2. the partitioning utility in the windows (xp) disc doesnt seem to give me a choice of wether i want a partition primary or logical (not looking hard enough?)

3.) i plan to make 3 partitions, 1) windows xp 2) windows xp x64 edition 3) windows vista; should i create a seperate partition to use for sharing files between these OS's? if so how large a partition and what type of partition?

4.) i plan on using BootMagic as a bootloader; after reading the guide it sais i need a small (30-50mb)FAT or FAT32 partition; i have no problem doing this but which should i use, FAT or FAT32? and what does it ean when it sais it needs to be before the 8gb mark or something like that?

5.) i have a 160gb HDD (152GB available), i plan to split the 3 partitions as fallows (if i do not create a seperate partition for sharing files):
1) windows xp (80GB)
2) windows xp x64 edition (35GB)
3) windows vista (35GB)
is this a good setup or would you suggest something else fallowing these considerations: i do quite a bit of gaming on my computer (games taking up about 15-20gb of space), i plan for windows xp to be my primary OS, use x64 for certian games and programs, and vista to play with and/or use for certian games.

Ive installed multiple OS's on my computer before, but have never taken in consderation the difference in partition types. Help would be much appreciated.

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by G... In reply to help partitioning

I'll try...

1. and 2. You don't need to worry that much about that. XP is doing the job as he like it.

3. and 5. You'll have to decide for yourself. One thing is sure: you have enough place for the OSes. From there you do as you want. They all use ntfs so there should be no problem for them to "talk" with each other. Like... if you save My documents on XP, there won't be a problem to read it from the XP x64
(I'm not totally sure about Vista but I don't recall any problems though it's microsoft so you'll never know)
It may be "cleaner" and propably a little gain in speed with a 4th partition but do as you want.

4. I don't know BootMagic but if the question is just FAT or FAT32 then the answer will be FAT32.
For the 8gb mark it's the 8gb placed "first" on your disc.

A last note about the place required in each OS:
Think about what kind of data you'll have on each one. As you said games take place (way to much but...) after that go through the different programs you may use and on which OS.
Don't be afraid to use a bit of paper once in a while. hehe

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by Norehca In reply to

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by TheChas In reply to help partitioning

1. You can install the operating system to either primary drive, or a logical drive on the extended partition.
When you install an OS to a logical drive, it still writes a few files to the primary drive. These are the boot files.

2. The XP installer assumes that you wish to create a primary partition and drive.

3. I would create a data drive. The size depends on what type of files and how many you plan to share.
Word documents and spreadsheets don't take up a lot of space for most users.
Music, pictures and video files can take up lots of drive space.

Having a shared drive for data allows you to:
a. easily back up your data.
b. restrict access of one OS from the others.

4. For 50MB, there is little difference between a FAT 16 and a FAT 32 format. I would use FAT 32 myself.
You want to create this drive FIRST.
Read the documentation for BootMagic carefully.
I suspect that you need to install BootMagic first, and follow a specific sequence when installing your operating systems.

5. I think we have you at 5 drives now.
Aside from where you will get the space for the shared data drive from, I would recommend giving Vista a little bit more room than XP 64.
Perhaps at least 5GB more for Vista than XP 64.
With all the new features, Vista will be a much larger install than XP.

Except for the drive for BootMagic, these can all be logical drives on the extended partition.


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by Norehca In reply to

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by Norehca In reply to help partitioning

one more question, for the bootmagic partition, do i make that logical or primary?

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by Norehca In reply to help partitioning

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