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Help please

By kitterwolf ·
Well, i had been worrying lately because my laptop will turn on but theres no pic or anything on the screen i thought the lcd was messed up but i opened up the laptop today and there is no ram card thing. could that be why theres no image on the screen?

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I wouldnt think so

by mamies In reply to Help please

I wouldnt think that this would stop the display from showing anything except a nasty little message on the screen signaling you have no RAM, What type of laptop is it tho and i can see if this is correct.

How the **** do you loose pieces of RAM that are in your computer? :)

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by kitterwolf In reply to I wouldnt think so

it was given to me, i didnt realize the ram wasnt there until i opened it today. its a gateway 3255GZ. i was told it might be because there was no ram. someone let me borrow a ram chip today, im just awaiting on a charger to find out it that really is the deal here

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hey ^^;

by kitterwolf In reply to I wouldnt think so

well it was given to me and i did not know there wasnt any ram in it till i opened it today. also, its a gateway 3255GZ laptop

someone told me that was probly why it was not working, so they let me borrow theirs im just awaiting my charger to find out

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That may only be the RAM expansion slot

by IC-IT In reply to hey ^^;

likely the motherboard has at least a basic amount of RAM.
As others have suggested try the external monitor.

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Or you could plug in an external Monitor to the VGA Port

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Help please

And see if that produces a picture of anything.

When you ask a question here you need to be specific as this isn't Tier 1 Help Desk the people here are IT Professionals and need details so we can help you.


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Was there any different "beeps" that the laptop gave out?

by DadsPad In reply to Help please

These "beep" patterns can tell you diagnostic information.

Of course, hooking up an external monitor would be the first thing I would try, but that was already mentioned. :)

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