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Help! please... Automatic update of sub-totals in Excel

Apologies if this is a very basic question these days, lol... Can someone please advise the code or formula for Excel 2007 to provide a running total in column D for a list of individual values in column C that updates automatically when values are added to C, but without column D being filled beyond the current row of column C?

So far, i've been able to get the running total in D, but it continues to the end of the page, whereas i'd like it to be blank after the latest value, then update immediately when C is increased on the next line. That'd be more presentable, wouldn't it?

Phew! hope that makes sense! Any help (or reference link)appreciated. Many Thanks!!

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Is there any code for this?


Thanks for reading, best wishes to you.

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sorry man i have no clue i rarely use excel

by RookieTech In reply to Is there any code for thi ...
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Thanks anyway, Rook. It's many years since i used excel and i'm just trying to pick it up again to make p/l numbers more accessible in my new bit of biz.

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same here

by RookieTech In reply to Cheers......

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