Help! Please do me a favor...

By jaudianbrian20 ·
Once again im Brian John Jaudian from philippines the most corupt country in asia... uhmnn.. i hate it but its true.. our family is very poor and my father is only a tricycle driver in our place... he earned almost 150 pesos a day or equivalent to 3 dollars a day, my mother sells vegetables in the market only thats why we cant even afford to let me go to school in college cause it is very expensive to go to college especially when your family is very poor.. because of that i desided to go to work at my poor age just to continue my studies.. im incoming freshmen in our school majoring BS - Computer Science..

maybe it is easier to study when you have your own computer at home... but we dont have any.. im posting this one and hoping that someone would help me with my problem, i hope there are still people with kind heart.. that would help me..

I am asking for a computer, and i hope that someone would send me one.. im not asking for fast computer but even very old one are maybe compatible or may suit or help me with my projects in school or maybe other stuffs.. or maybe you have computer at home that is very old or dusty and you wont even use it.. you can send it to me then... thank you very much for help... may GOD bless you more and your family.....

you can send it to my address:

-Purok Palmera, Sta. Filomena Iligan City, Philippines

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A word to the worldly unwise ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Help! Please do me a favo ...

Here at TechRepublic there is a generally accepted Rule of Thumb. The measure of a Peer is generally made up of what s/he contributes to the Forums and/or to the rest of the computer world in general.

As such, and in the understanding that the World is populated with various and nefarious varieties of people, a request for help is more likely to succeed based on TWO criteria:

#1 What the poster has contributed to the TR ethic
#2 What the poster is asking for

So, in your case we have
#1 = zero &
#2 = monetary value in goods.

You might have had better success by asking us for advice, or possible sources of 'free' computers, or even to keep plugging away at fixing the system you initially posted with.

In TR terms you have been here for a heartbeat and contributed nothing.

I, for one, have no hesitancy in returning a full complement of the same.

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You have never replied to your initial post yet .....

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Help! Please do me a favo ...

Why is that? Eh?

This entire Philippines episode is beginning to stink of nepotism.

Shades of "Sod it! I know what I'll do! Instead of fixing this piece of sh!t, I'll get someone to send me one that works!"

Well - the sob story ain't cutting the mustard.

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No not at all Old Mycroft you cynical Old Bar-steward

by OH Smeg In reply to You have never replied to ...

The last time I sent anything to the Philippines it didn't reach the destination. The last time I flew there I watched a Customs Agent con Au Notes off a unsuspecting Tourist by saying that they had never seen AU money and could this person show him some. When this was handed over the Top Note in out Currency, he pocketed the money and looked all confused when asked for it back as he thought it was a gift. You don't want to upset a Customs Agent so you just let things like that slide. I of course never carry any money on me and only use plastic so I wasn't affected. Well that my story & I'm sticking to it for a very long time.

But what I want to know is how does this person expect to get a computer when the Most Corrupt Country on the planet will not allow it to reach it's destination. Perhaps the OP here is getting a commission from the freight company and wants several hundred boxes freighted to the Philippines and live off the Commission for all the freight. :^0

That place is incredible they only use 2 Stroke engines there on their cycles and importing new 2 Stroke Motor Cycles has been banned to clean up all the pollution there. The way around this is that the buyers bring in complete Motor cycles and call them spare parts on the Customs Declaration and these are perfectly legal to import and then on sell the "Parts" as complete cheap Motorcycles. Nothing is going to change over there for a very long time as money is way too important to them all.


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