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Help Please. Faulty USB ports across multiple OS's

By Dethklok ·
Just need an experts advice on this..

So recently my USB ports have been going out.. Mostly it's just my mouse that will stop working, but sometimes windows will freeze too.

This has happened while doing any activity, but usually it happens quicker if I have an Internet browser open.

I have tried installing different OS's(XP, Vista, Win7 and Ubuntu) and all have done the same thing.

Is my motherboard faulty? Is there anything I can do to test it? Any help or advice is greatly appreciated

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Just the obvious things

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Help Please. Faulty USB p ...

Open the BIOS and make sure that the USB is not Disabled and when in Windows look in Device Manager and see if there are any USB Ports shown there.

The only time I've seen USB Ports die is when a Faulty USB Device is used or to many USB Devices are daisy chained onto a Single USB Port with no Powered USB Hubs involved. When you do this it draws too much current through the USB Socket and burns out the Zener Diode that limits the Voltage & Current through the USB Socket.

The solution to this is to use Powered USB Hubs so that there is not an excessive current draw through any USB Sockets. Though if you have a really cheap M'Board it is possible that it's faulty and the USB Connections are dead on it. I would however be more likely to look at broken USB Sockets that have been lifted off the M'Board. This mostly happens in Note Books where the NB is shoved into a bag with some USB Device still connected. The only way around this is to unplug all USB Devices before packing the NB up.


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by Dethklok In reply to Help Please. Faulty USB p ...

Thanks for replying, I have gone into the BIOS menu and I saw that "plug and play o/s" was disabled. I enabled it and booted into win7. Mouse worked fine for a bit, then I opened up a browser and the mouse stopped working.. Lol pretty frusterating.

Let me provide some background. My CPU's heatsink was caked with dust and it went up to 100Celsius and my pc turned off. I cleaned the heatsink and booted up. CPU was at a steady 23celsius. Could the MoBo have been damaged ? Windows freezes randomly and sometimes won't shut down.

My RAM passed the Memory tests and my CPU is working out fine.

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Well if the CPU overheated

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Help Please. Faulty USB p ...

The System should have shut down to prevent damage. I believe that even the NVidia Chip Set M'Boards for AMD CPU's support this option but as I don't use AMD CPU's often it's been a while since I've looked at one of those M'Boards.

When the CPU Heat Sink gets Gunked Up generally speaking the system goes into a Reboot Loop till the CPU Temp reaches the Cut off temp and reboots. After the first instance of this the time between reboots is cut down but returns after the unit has been turned off for a while.

As to loosing the USB Ports this isn't normal and by itself shouldn't be a result of a Gunked up CPU Heat Sink though it may be the result of the same type of Gunk getting into the Power Supply and causing shorts.

So when you cleaned the Heat SINK did you clean the Power Supply? If you didn't all you need do is push air through the Power Supply while preventing the Fan from Spinning to clean out the PS.

I would however try something like the Ultimate Boot CD to test the Hardware and not rely on tests run from within Windows as I have found these to be unreliable. You can get the Ultimate Boot CD Free here but just remember to download the ISO File and not click on the add on the page.

The ISO is about half way down the page where as the add is toward the top of the page.

Just burn the ISO to a CD with Nero and boot off the CD to run the Diagnostics. You could also try a Live Linux to check the hardware. These run off a Optical Disc generally a CD but some require a DVD and of you do not have one already you can get one from your local News Agent as a Cover Disc on a Linux Magazine or download one of the ones listed here


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by Dethklok In reply to Help Please. Faulty USB p ...

Yeah... The power off safety feature was turned off somehow in the BIOS *face palm*
So I tried UBCD and everything checked out fine, Im just not too sure how to test my motherboard. I switched The PSU and the problem still persisted..

Ordered a new MoBo because I think the extreme heat from the CPU shorted something on the board,
Thank you for all your help, this was one of my first posts here and it proved to be quite informative and useful.

Oh and a BSoD came up saying Bugcode_USB_driver. Anyone have any clue

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