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Help please! Healthcare to IT

By gt0060 ·

I'm in need of career guidance. I'm currently 25 and single. I hold a Bachelors in Health Science and have been working in the healthcare industry for close to 3 yrs. I work as a wellness coordinater doing mostly personal training sales, some health promoting and managing of group ex fitness staff.

I currently do not have any certifications or experience directly related in the field. I have basic operating system/troubleshooting knowledge and have learned how to custom build my pc. I have always enjoyed working on the computer for lots of hours related to gaming, upgrading hardware, and optimizing my operating system. I'm not sure which route I exactly want to go with IT, but I have been looking into the A+ cert and feel most comfortable to start with that.

I enjoy working independantly, would describe as being introverted (although my career is more the opposite) and can spend alot of hours working on the computer. This is just a little bit about me to see if this career you think is a fit.

If I want to go into the IT field, what would be the best plan to do so. Should I get another Bachelors or try to find another job to get experience now?

I found Western Governors Univ. has a Bachelors program where I could finish it in 2 years and possibly sooner ( I can do it this quick because I have a bachelors and possibly sooner because its entirely up to you how fast you want to finish). Through this process you get 8 industry known certifications (A+, S+, N+, CCNA etc...) I would have to take out 36,000 in loans to do it though because I'd have to leave my job and study to finish it in that time and possibly sooner. It is non-profit and fully accredited school.

Best online school I've seen for IT if I was to go that route and has you go to a testing center to take those certifications, so its completely legit. Your basically self-studying with mentors to help you till you take the exam. No BS, you either know it or you dont. By the end of 2 years (or sooner) you can get all those certs as well as a bachelors..

Or would it be worth while to slowly try to get in the door with someone (but its hard with no experience...) and work with say just the A+ to begin with? Without the price of the loan debt...

What do you think for gettin me started?

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by GSG In reply to Help please! Healthcare t ...

Hmmm... Your profile says Sales and Marketing, yet you say you're a Healthcare Wellness Coordinator....

I think the reality is that you're a spammer!

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Excuse me?

by gt0060 In reply to Busted

I'm just asking for some help here. I didn't realize it was so critical as to what field I choose. Sorry I busted your bubble.

I'm just looking for some realistic advice here and this is my first post.

Also, just as a heads up I do alot of sales in my current field.

Thank you

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