Help please - no screen output

By chandwpl ·

Got a problem and can't figure out the cause.

Long story, but here's the shorten version :-

a) Friday am - used desktop PC - was fine

b) Friday pm - used same machine - but problem. Was booting up, but LCD screen (via DVI/OUT on video card), was blank. Not even the BIOS and counting of RAM. Despite this WinXp loaded 'cos I heard through speakers, sounds from eg, MSN Messenger logging on.

c) Was it LCD monitor? Connected a laptop via VGA to monitor - it worked - so monitor is working.

d) Thought it was then a video card problem - so removed video card, and connected via VGA, and VGA out on motherboard, to monitor.

e) Machine booted up and LCD showed.

f) Then SuperAntiSpyware (SAS) kicked in and worryingly showed 10 traces of adware.vundo/variant. Spent all night trying to remove this but to no avail. Each time machine rebooted, SAS detected the same spyware.

g) I traced it down to a directory in Documents and Settingt/user/Temp folder. However, not able to delete all folders as in-use. I found on every reboot, a new folder is created in that directory. ie whatever I can delete, after reboot, another directory is created.

h) Looked at msconfig - nothing on startup looks extraordinary.

i) also tried VundoFix from Doesn't detect anything

j) Decided to remove HDD, and restore a Norton Ghost image of the C: drive of 3 mths ago in the hope this would provide quickest solution to all problems.

k) After restore though, same problem - whether via video card or onboard VGA out, monitor is blank. As before, no BIOS, no counting of RAM but sounds appear from MSN Messenger logging on.

Does anyone know what the problem is (and solution)? Has the spyware been eradicated? The m/board must be OK as the system is booting up and logging into MSN messenger.

There just seems to be no signal at all feeding into the monitors whether from the onboard VGA out, or via a separate video card.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in anticipation.

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RE: Does anyone know what the problem is (and solution)?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Help please - no screen o ...

When you removed the HDD you probably dislodged something so look at every cable inside the case here.

Look at both ends of Cables that Plug between the M'Board and other devices like HDD's and so on and refit the Monitor tot he On Board Video with the Plug in Video Card Removed till you get this at least working again.

As to if the infection is removed this depends on what you did before Cloning the HDD here.

If you didn't wipe the HDD with a Utility like Boot & Nuke

of Killdisc

Then your answer is No it is unlikely to have deleted the Infection.

You need to wipe the HDD with a utility that writes zeros to every sector of the HDD not just rely on a Format to destroy things as the Full Format only writes to 1/3 of the HDD and the remaining 2/3 remain untouched where infections can come back from. A Fast Format does even less to overwrite things on a HDD so it is very possible that the infection can reoccur.


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Is your system self built or pre-built?.

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Help please - no screen o ...

You might need a BIOS update to correct the issue here.
You could try another graphic card and see if it cures the problem. If it does then you can put it down to a old graphic card.
Start by going into your BIOS and selecting "load default settings" and then re-boot your system. It might also be that you have over clocked your system, if so put it as "AUTO" in the over clocking section of the BIOS: Post back if you are still having problems or you have got it to work.

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It works!

by chandwpl In reply to Is your system self built ...

Thx OH Smeg & Peconet Tietokoneet!

Thanks again for your prompt suggestions. Really helped me focus and have had some great progress.

I did as OH Smeh suggested and re-checked all the cables. Dunno why, dunno how, but suddenly the monitor flickered then went blank again. I stopped the machine and re-attached all the cables again. This time I hit the jackpot (using onboard VGA out socket).

At least I now have a system to work with and really pleased even if it was from 3 mths ago. I really am thankful for the Norton Ghost backup. Certainly helped me out of a tight corner this time.

I am currently running AVG Anti Virus and also SAS. Fortunately, SAS says there is no spyware anymore. AVG still running.

Next, need to re-attach the video card and test.

Thanks again!



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Your Welcome < NT >

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to It works!
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The Sequel.....

by chandwpl In reply to It works!

Hi again,

A week of frustration and worry has perhaps come to an end.

Two days after my last post, the spyware re-appeared! I was totally gobsmacked!

I searched the web and came across SpyZooka. This software didn't find the spyware (whilst SAS was still showing it), but their Tech Support helped me finally nailed the problem this morning.

Two-three weeks ago I bought the Logitech Squeezebox Boom and I have found out this morning it is THIS software which is creating the files which SAS thinks is spyware! (Also explains why, after I 1st recovered the PC from my Norton Ghost backup of 3 mths ago, SAS thought the PC was clean).

OK, so I that is sorted out and I am much happier at what SAS thinks is spyware. Not happy SAS finds anything, but I think this could be a case of over zealous software.

My original problem though - ie blank screen - has also come to a semi-conclusion.

I bought a new video card and installed it yesterday. I switched the BIOS to point to the new PCI-E card.........but on bootup, nothing from the DVI-Out. I tried the VGA-Out - again, nothing on screen - not even the RAM counters, what HDD's have been found etc. Totally blank.

So, I am back to running the monitor back off the m/board's own VGA-Out. Am I right that it must be a problem with the motherboard? I can live with the system as it is as it's 2 yrs old. Prob upgrade the hardware next yr.


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It very much sounds that way

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to The Sequel.....

The M'Board isn't producing the necessary signals to provide tot he Video card till after the POST Sequence is finished.

Without knowing what the M'Board is it's hard to proceed but personally I would be looking at a BIOS Error in the settings. Try returning to the Defaults and see if the problem is cured.

If however you are overclocking the CPU, RAM or Video this may be perfectly normal for this M'Board.As for the False Positive you can try running Process Quick Link which will identify any Running Processes this may help you in the future to identify any suspect processes but it may not too.


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by chandwpl In reply to It very much sounds that ...

Sorry, I not got back to U since.

Still running video off VGA off M/board. Seems ok so loathe to fix something which is already working!

Thx again! chandwpl

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Your Welcome < NT >

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Thx

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