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HELP PLEASE shared local printer problem

By baburgess ·
Ok so for some reason another tech orderd an HP 9800d printer for someone that had a network printer before that 5 people print to. When i installed it the first time i shared it out and connected it to the other people like a network printer. this worked for about a month, now no one can print except the person that the printer is physically connected to. So i unistalled the printer from everyones machine and tried to readd it. Wierd thing is that when i browse to the computer it is connected to, it is not showing that the printer is shared. I tried resharing the prniter, reinstalling the printer, getting new drivers, but nothing. The printer is shared out but no one can see that it is shared. I am gettin frustrated cause i do this all the time and have never had this problem. any help would be appriciated. thanks

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by Craig321 In reply to HELP PLEASE shared local ...

try the net use command from one of the pc's.

syntax: net use \\computer name\print share

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by Garret` In reply to HELP PLEASE shared local ...

Check the appropriate people have print access to it from the security tab in its properties, and none are denied. Also you might need to check that the 'server' service has been started.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to HELP PLEASE shared local ...

The most likely scenario is that the latest round of Windows patches have broken this printers ability to network.

The next question before you go any further is "Is this the correct printer for the job required it's relatively slow has minimal paper storage capacity and even smaller output storage of 100 sheets and only capable of holding up to 15 envelopes?"

Granted you can duplex with this unit but that still only gives you up to 200 printed pages sitting in the output holder and even less if envelopes are used. It also has a recommended upper limit of only 5K per month so before you start tearing things apart is this all that is required or would something with a bigger capacity be more suitable here?

Now for starters HP Printers are notorious for not playing nice as network printers and what has most likely happened here is that a patch has broken the printer software by blocking something that is vital to the printers function over the network. What you'll need to do here is look up the installation history on the individual computers starting with the one it's connected to and see what those patches are actually doing.

You will most likely not be able to uninstall the patch so I would completely remove the printer drivers from the computer, delete any folders or files left after the uninstall as well and then run a registry cleaner over it in Safe Mode.

At the same tie run AV and Spy Ware scans on the computer but make sure that they are up to date before you boot into Safe Mode and remove any nasties from the computer. Continue running the scans until you get a Clean Result and then reboot the system. Once you have done that you can attempt to reinstall the printer drivers and then you can try sharing it again if that works great just go around to the other computers sharing that printer and reinstall the Shared Printer and everything should be fine well at least until the next round of MS Patches. :)

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by mrjay67 In reply to HELP PLEASE shared local ...

Something I have ran into is to many file restrictions or hidden files. In our environment we hide all the files/folders on the pc for certain groups of users. We found that these users were having print problems through normal sharing.

As a work around we enabled ISS and the printers virtual directory. I made sure the Annonomys user was enabled on the virtual printer folder and the Default web folder. I also made sure the same user had rights on the printer itself. If it is setup correctly you should be able to hit \\(PCNAME)\PRINTERS. The word printers should be used. Hope this helps. We discovered this recently and i havent had a chance to explore the file rights/hidden file issue.


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by BobTheITBuilder In reply to HELP PLEASE shared local ...

I know this is not the answer you are after but try a small print server device from one of the online retail suppliers or wherever. They are fairly cheap and will not require the PC to be on for people to print to it. P.S. They are dead simple to set up on an IP network. Good luck

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