HELP!! Please! Ubuntu 9.04_64bit

By skullznstuff3000 ·
Okay so I downloaded Ubuntu 9.04 64bit version and I believe it is awesome!!! Couple issues with it though. I only need to go into one right now though. I downloaded a multi-verse game called warsow. For some reason when I played it my monitor couldn't read the signals it was sending and it said something like mode not supported or something like that. so I restarted and when I did my resolution had gone from 1440x900 to 1024x768. Now I can't raise the resolution higher than 1380x768. its really obnoxious because now i have a blurry image on my screen and i was so happy with ubuntu and i don't know what is wrong somebody please help

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Refresh rate?

by seanferd In reply to HELP!! Please! Ubuntu 9.0 ...

You may only be able to get certain resolutions at certain refresh rates or color depths. Possibly something was changed in Xorg.conf by the game that is now limiting this. ("Blurry" makes me think of refresh rate, resolution has little to do with blurriness.)

Some reference:

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