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Help- Problem with Win2K Pro

By Solution-Seeker ·
Previously, the workstations on my network were running NT workstations 4.0 and Office 2000. I also have a network drive on each workstation that maps to a resource on a remote server over a 64KWAN link.

An observation has been made as I have been progressively installing Windows 2000 on these workstations. File operations such as ?File Open?, File Save? and File save As? across my installed applications (Office 2000 and Adobe acrobat reader) seem to hang for about 30 seconds before responding, at the level of the ?Look in or ?Save in drop down list that shows the file location. This does not happen when I disconnect the network drive mapped onto the remote server. I have installed the latest service packs (Windows 2000 SP2 and Office 2000 SR1a followed by Office 2000 SP2) but the problem is still there. This problem is not encountered on Workstation that are still on Windows NT 4.0.

Any helpful suggestions will be highly appreciated

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i know how you feel

by SoccerMan In reply to Help- Problem with Win2K ...

This is an ongoing problem with my company as well. The best i can see is that Win2k is actually searching to make sure the drives are there before it lets your browse. If you do as 'save as' right after you saved that one file, you'll notice it jumps right up. I've decided to stick with my notion on this one and live with it for the time being. One day i'm sure MS will acknowlege it (after i'm long gone i'm sure).

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Known issue

by ktrobee In reply to i know how you feel

This excerpt is from a MS newsletter:

If you run a mixed Windows 2k/NT 4.0 domain, you might find that Win2K machines take a long time to resolve network
resources, especially when you browse from
a File Open dialog box. This occurs because the DNS name resolution that Win2K defaults to must time out before the system attempts resolution through NetBT (WINS). To change the protocol order your system uses to resolve network names, you first need to determine which Control Set the system boots from. You can find this information by opening HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\Select\Current. Compare the value to the values in the Default (boot) and LastKnownGood keys. If a key's value ends in 1, the Control Set is ControlSet001, and if the value ends in
2, it's ControlSet002. The Control Set version is important because making the following edit in the CurrentControlSet key can cause the system to blue screen. You
must make the edit in the Control Set that the system will boot from, and restart the computer after you complete the edit.

1. Open Regedt32.
2. Open HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet(xxN)\Services\Tcpip\Parameters.
3. Add a REG_DWORD value named DnsNbtLookupOrder.
4. Set the value to 0 to use DNS resolution first; set the value to 1
to use NetBT first.
5. Exit Regedt32 and reboot.

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