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    Help, random spikes in system resources


    by magmasaurusrexgaming ·

    There would be a random spike either up or down in use of gpu. Disk 0 would commonly have a huge plataeu resulting in a 100% use for anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 hours which renders the computer effectively unuseable with its high response time of 10k ms. There would frequently be an internet disconnection, problem comes from the laptop side. By that the wifi adapter would be practically disconnected, dissapearing from the task manager and showing only the last connected to wifi in the connection list, refusing to connect to it. Every disconnected time the gpu would spike and disk, if low, would spike twice before and after the spike in gpu. Not every spike in gpu will result in internet problems. Anyone know of a solution? Does not appear to be thermal throttling although I have experienced it in the past.

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      Well known source of that issue.

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to Help, random spikes in system resources

      The 100% disk use problem is too well known. It occurs when you run the OS and maybe your data drive on Hard Disk Drives. Sometimes a new HDD fixes that but for now with SSD prices lower, you replace that HDD with a SSD.

      I won’t get into the details here because it’s a common complaint and issue with well known fixes.

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        Pretty sure hard disk is not an issue

        by magmasaurusrexgaming ·

        In reply to Well known source of that issue.

        I have upgraded the hdd to a 1tb ssd half a year ago. As of yet, the disk error is quite different from normal, it shows 100% for local disk only, as such 33% disk in the programs page, which difffers from the 100% disk which has been fixed before. I have tried common solutions to that and none of it worked. And that doesnt explain the other errors. I have also recently seen an abnormal high use of system resources by both system applications and normals, especially for gpu. If it really is an error with the harddisk, then i might consider an upgrade to a desktop.

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          You wrote at the end “harddisk”.

          by rproffitt ·

          In reply to Pretty sure hard disk is not an issue

          The GPU during gaming is/should be at 100% for most games. Nothing wrong there.

          As to explaining errors, I can only summarize that when you see 100% disk use, you will see failures such as you wrote above. Think “this causes that.”

          If there isn’t a hardware issue like this system has old spinning rust hard drives, then we would do a clean install of the OS, all the drivers and test again.

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          Not related

          by magmasaurusrexgaming ·

          In reply to You wrote at the end “harddisk”.

          I have so far fixed the disk 100% problem, as it had not surfaced as of yet and hopes it continues to do so. But the other problems still persist especially my wifi adapter. I have bought an external router to see if it is effective, waiting for the mail.

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      Solve Your Question

      by iamfatima3773 ·

      In reply to Help, random spikes in system resources

      It sounds like you’re encountering multiple issues, including random GPU spikes, high disk usage leading to unresponsiveness, and frequent internet disconnections on your laptop. These issues might not necessarily be related, but collectively, they impact your system’s performance.

      Here’s a concise overview:

      GPU Spikes & Disk Usage: Random spikes in GPU usage and high disk usage could stem from various causes like background processes, software conflicts, or failing hardware.

      Internet Disconnections: The recurring internet disconnections could indicate a problem with the laptop’s Wi-Fi adapter or driver.

      Here are a few steps you could try:

      Update GPU drivers and check for any pending Windows updates.
      Run a comprehensive antivirus scan to rule out malware.
      Check the laptop’s power settings to ensure it’s not set to power-saving mode. For Wi-Fi issues, try updating the Wi-Fi adapter drivers or reinstalling them. Monitor task manager or resource monitor during spikes to identify the specific processes causing these spikes.

      Consider performing a system restore or reset if these issues persist.
      If the problems persist, it might be advisable to seek professional technical support or take the laptop to a certified technician for a thorough diagnosis and resolution.

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