Help: REALLY OBSCURE problem with MS Access !

By Larry.19t ·
Hello Folks,
I have this really bizarre, never before attempted , need to do, in an MSaccess database DURING DATA ENTRY/INPUT ONLY:

I have 5 data fields set up as Sale, Shipping, TaxRate, Tax & TotalSale.
I would like to know where and how to get the value that is in the field called Sale of type currency, add the value in the field: Shipping (currency) multiply the resultant sum by the value in the field: TaxRate (percent) and put this value into the field: Tax (currency) and then put the sum of the fields: Sale,Shipping & Tax into the field TotalSale in the same record so that data entry automagically skips to the next field and the fields Tax and TotalSale are filled in on the screen but preferably cannot be edited by the data entry person.

And no, I do NOT want any data lookup of tax rates. The TaxRate field will have a default value that can be changed but most often will not (that's the extra "enter"). The goal is to have the data entry person enter a sale amount, hit enter twice and then be able to start entering data in the field after "TotalSale". The field: Shipping will default to 0(zero) 98%? of the time.

Yes, I know this seems obvious but I've looked all over the MSaccess help files and NOTHING !
And tried Google too and after 3 hours of searching, I've given up. The ONLY reason I'm using MSaccess is that it seemed like it would be easier to do the data entry this one time for this one database for MapPoint to use. A long long time ago I used to do dBase (Ashton-Tate) programming wherein this type of thing was far simpler and a whole lot more obvious.

This, in spite of what I suspect is a computer activity that takes place billions of times per second around the world and was probably the first database data entry calculation ever!

I would seriously appreciate it if someone could provide a complete example (including every keypress, every mouseclick in every location on the screen and assume nothing beyond being in the design screen of MSaccess).

In other words, what do I type and where do I stick it ? ! :-)))

Yeah, right: a dbl- is a+ sarcastically speaking!
Larry.C (NYC)

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Answer: write a stored procedure with the Access Graphical Query Builder

by robo_dev In reply to Help: REALLY OBSCURE prob ...
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Restating the problem

I think, what you're saying is that you want to evaluate some data input values in form view. Is this correct? You don't want to store these evaluated results, right, because I would advise against that -- you just want to view the results in the form. If this is the case, the easiest solution is to base a query on your table and add the appropriate expression fields, e.g., Total: Sale + Shipping. Then, base a form on the query.

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