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By fvelasqueza ·
I just start working in the IT dept of a small - medium size organization where everything has done in and old fashion way.
Now I would like to implement a Recovery plan for the Windows 2003 server.
I backed up the system state and tried to restored on a testing server (diferent configuration)didn't work.

Having machines with diferent hardware configuration. What would be a good option to implement a recovery plan in case of disaster.

Thank you

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Dis-similar hardware

by bart777 In reply to Help Recovery plan

This can be difficult at best.
The system state will have all information that the server needs to come back on the SAME hardware. If you start changing all of the components all you'll get is a BSOD. I have had a lot of experience with this unfortunately. If you really need to have a plan for dis-similar hardware you'll need to start looking at 3rd party software packages with bare-metal restore capabilities. They are not cheap.

For now just make sure that you have a good backup strategy with offsite storage of some backup data.

If the reason for the hardware problem is that the servers are just too old then you need to start putting a bug in their ear to get the hardware replaced. A server should be replaced somewhere in the 3-5 year range. If they're older than that your company is gambling with it's data.

Cover your backside as best you can for now until you can get the cost in front of them for the Bare-metal software and\or new servers. If you need to pitch it to them that you'll keep the old hardware around and use it as redundant hardware to backup the rest of the new systems.

Best of luck.

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