Help regarding headphones jack connection

By cruckstalkf ·
Ok guys so i've bought a new pair of razer headphones as an upgrade from my previous ones (which are usb connected). The whole problem is the headphones work just fine when i connect them to the jack for headphones and my mic to the other jack but my mic is extremely quiet but the sound works just fine . I've tried everything from reinstalling drives to different sound setiings but my mic is just as quiet and distorsed , i'm thinking about buying a jack to usb adapter since my other pair works fine . Any tips?
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Full model numbers and PC details please.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Help regarding headphones ...

If your old headset works correctly then the new headphone is defective.

I might change my answer if I had all the makes and model numbers but I'll try with what was told first.

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by cruckstalkf In reply to Full model numbers and PC ...

I mean my previous headphones are razer kraken and my new ones are also the same model just that the old ones are usb connected and the new ones are jack connected. The new ones problem is just the mic that seems to pick up the output sound instead of my voice

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Now it sounds (pun intended.)

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to reply

Let you have either settings, connections or hardware problems. The model numbers and PC details are missing so I can't tell you much more here.

Some PCs had a jack for the sound out and another for the microphone (input to the PC.) Newer PCs use the new single jack for combo mic+headphones. YOU have to know what your PC is equipped with as I can't guess (see above why.)

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About the pc

by cruckstalkf In reply to Now it sounds (pun intend ...

Well the pc is made out of parts i bought and not one already installed. So im guessing if its a problem from the motherboard connections to the ports on the case the rear ports should work fine but the mic jack has the same problem as the front one . The motherboard is an Asus H110M-K

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Front ports be gone.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to About the pc

Time to unplug whatever is connected from the case to the motherboard regarding audio. That area has been trouble since the PC rolled out (decades ago.)

While I could work this on a bench, we don't have that here and must work within the limitations of what we can do in the forum.

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