Help!!!! ROFL how many have we seen of those lately???

By CG IT ·
but then I just remembered a clients problem with an NT server so maybe maniacman can HELP!!!.

Windows NT 6 that when taken off the network, users can get to the internet. can't remember if NT has ICS.

The internet connection is through a PIX 501 and an old Cisco 2600 which is not configurable. Users addressing is static with the gateway as the 2600 router.

So what the desired outcome is, take the NT box off the network, install W2K server as a file server and users can get to the internet.

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by scott_heath In reply to Help!!!! ROFL how ma ...

Did you mean "users can't get to the internet", because if they can, isn't your problem solved? :)

If the users point to the router as the gateway then all destination addresses should be hitting the router and then looking for a way out. I thought ICS made the server a router of sorts that used NAT to share an internet connection. I would have thought the NT box would have needed to be the gateway to do this, although I guess it's possible the router was sending those packets to the NT4 box running ICS. Of course if this were the case the NT4 box would probably need dual NICs and be connected to the PIX 501? Hmmm, just thinking out loud.

Just out of curiousity, why can't the config on the 2600 be changed?

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by CG IT In reply to Interesting...

the PIX and 2600 belong the the parent company as well as the T1 link. That's the demarc point between the parent company and child company. The parent company doesn't want to spend the $$ to reconfigure the 2600 and PIX so the W2003 box will work. The W2003 box belongs to the child company. The parent company says the NT box and W2003 box aren't their so they won't mess with it.

So, I've gone in, taken the NT box off the network, configured the W2003 Box with the same TCP/IP settings as the NT box and it won't get to the internet. Put the NT box back on the network [changing the W2003 box TCP/IP settings to a different addressi] and volia internet connection on the w2003 box.

So I figured ICS must be running but the NT box has only 1 NIC.

pretty stumped at this point.

clients go to the gateway which is the 2600 but again, they shouldn't lose internet connectivity simply because the NT box is offline but they do.

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by scott_heath In reply to well......

The NT4 box is running ISA. ICS requires two NICs. One two be the LAN side and one to be the WAN side.

BTW, you were fast on that reply!

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nah no ISA

by CG IT In reply to Maybe...

and yeah quick reply...been going though the discussion threads...

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by scott_heath In reply to nah no ISA

Feeling thumb happy?

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ROFL who can remember?

by Jacky Howe In reply to Help!!!! ROFL how ma ...

Could the NT4 box have been configured as an ICS Client.

Just a thought.

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No No and No as far as I recall. NT4 was lucky enough to have DNS services

by ManiacMan In reply to ROFL who can remember?

provided with that clunky old kernel.

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DNS crap...

by CG IT In reply to No No and No as far as I ...

not sure how to get the NT box off the network and the W2003 going... seems as if the 2600 doesn't like anything but the NT box and I've no way of looking at the 2600 running config.

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Oh boy..sounds like a nightmare of a LAN setup.

by ManiacMan In reply to DNS crap...

Maybe a complete tear down and rebuild is in order?

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well thought of that

by CG IT In reply to Oh boy..sounds like a nig ...

but can't figure out how to get internet connectivity for all devices with the NT box out of there since we can't get into the 2600 or the PIX.

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