HELP! Router resetting

By sclemmer ·
Hopefully someone can figure this out. D-link router (wired & wirelss, DHCP disabled, static IP's assigned, MAC filtering). 1 workstation W2K, 2 XP, 3 Vista, 1 HP P2015dn. Problem - If only using W2K & XP systems everthing is fine. Turn on the HP printer; router keeps resetting. If I remove the XP systems router is OK. Also with W2k system & 1 Vista, router runs OK. Turn on 2nd Vista, or XP system, or HP printer; router starts resetting. What would cause more the one XP/VIsta system, or one of these and the printer, to interact with with the router and constantly reset it?

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by Michael Kassner Contributor In reply to HELP! Router resetting

I would be curious to learn if the router still behaved this way if DHCP was enabled, the clients were receiving their IP addrs from the router and you removed MAC filtering. It might be beneficial to make this a two step process to help determine if either one was the culprit.

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Speed Issues

by sclemmer In reply to Curious

Thought I may have found something. I set clients and router to not auto-negotiate the speed. Locked them all at 100Mbps, and things seem to be working better. I stll get resets when IE is involved on any of the Vista systems. Accessing certain pages, causes a reset or two then is OK until a different page. If it's just the W2K and XP, everybody plays nice no matter what.
Watching the Vista systems networking, I noticed that the router icon would change to "multiple networks", then "identifying", then reconnect to the router. I only have one and its the only one I made a connection for. There are other wireless ones in the area, but I don't have them in the connection list.
I wonder if I scream loud enough if Microsoft will give me XP so I can downgrade to something that actually has functioning network capabilities...
Why should anyone have to work this hard to make something they paid money for work correctly?

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Router is at fault but Vista makes it worse

by naps1saps In reply to Speed Issues

I'm a gamer and an IT semi-pro (no certs yet). I too have a D-Link DI-524. A year or two ago my router stopped communicating with port 80 of the WAN link. No matter how many times I reset the router it wouldn't work. So I bought a Netgear superG with extended security (big mystake). It permanently blocks certain ports for all but the DMZ, so I bought another DI-524 which turned out to be a return that was repackaged and didn't work. So I brought out my old DI-524 and to my amazement, it worked perfectly fine. So that's the past history of my router in question.

I have 2 Dlink Gig switches (DGS-2205) chained and connected to one port on the router. Nothing else is plugged into the router except the WAN modem. I have one XP computer on the first switch. On the second switch, I have 1 win03 server, 1 Vista Ultimate 32bit, and a cisco hub with 1 XP, a powered off HP officejet all-in-one, and a Xerox Phaser 8500 in suspend. So total I have 2 XP's, 1 win03 server, 1 vista, 1 HP printer, and 1 Xerox printer.

Right now I can't test only the vista computer because I don't have long enough cables to do it with. When I was playing online games on my Vista machine, I kept getting dropped from the servers. I noticed that when the connection dropped, the lights on the switch were blinking with multicast packets, so I investigated. I thought that maybe since my switch was connected to the router with a straight instead of a crossover, it might be causing an instability. So I switched it to a crossover and thought everything was good. After a day or so, it started doing it again. So I came downstairs to replace the router with the junky Netgear I had in my drawer and noticed that the router was actually resetting itself. So I removed the cable that runs to my switch chain (with the vista computer) and it stopped resetting itself. I still have problems like wireless objects not being able to connect to some devices on the switch chain like the HP laserjet 4 printer when the vista computer is off. So I'm not totally convinced that Vista is the whole problem. I wonder if this problem with Vista is aparent in all the DI-524 routers? I wonder if throwing it in my drawer for a few months will solve this problem too, lol.

Just as I finished typing this, the router reset itself again. It seems that Vista only makes it reset faster, once per minute. It had been about 15-20 minutes since it reset the last time with the vista machine disconnected. Seems as though the router (at least mine) is the real problem.

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The router in question, have you done a firmware update yet?

If not then i would advise you to update the routers firmware to get rid of the bugs that are making your connections impossible.
Please read up on the routers booklet for this, or put on here your routers make and model number so that we can find one for you to try out.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.
If this info is useful, please mark it helpful. Thanks

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