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    Help Running Proftpd on FreeBSD 4.9


    by randalthor ·


    I have recently rented a dedicated server, which is running FreeBSD 4.9. I have been attempting to get Proftpd up and running, with no success. I have attempted to connect remotely with several FTP clients including CuteFTP Home 6.0 and WS_FTP Home 9. The error message received is a login incorrect, or that the server isn’t running at all. Can anyone provide any insight on how I can get this up and running? Thanks.

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      Try PureFTPD

      by reginaldjpriest ·

      In reply to Help Running Proftpd on FreeBSD 4.9

      PureFTPD is dead simple to get running and quite secure. I’ve installed it several times on instances of FreeBSD and Linux, with few to no glitches. Extremely simple to administer and very configurable. It slices, it dices.


      As far as getting ProFTPD running, have you followed the installation instructions to 1) start it from the command line to test your installation and 2) get it installed into /etc/init.d so that it starts at boot time?

      (I don’t mean to be condescending but) just untarring it and doing ./configure and make are generally not quite enough to get rolling.

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