Help save a life :) I restored the WRONG system image can this be reversed?

By Hopscotchking ·
My gateway win 7 64 laptop locked up on me. Startup util wouldnt fix it. I had made a system disk and Backups for it and my daughters Acer on a simpledrive 500gb. When I booted the sys disk it only recognized "Hers" and after a few hours clicked on it (like a moron) and now my laptop thinks its an ACER. All the drivers are wrong and can only access the simpledrive through DOS where getting to the directory of "His" backup ends my abilities. Please help me save the life of my laptop from becoming baseball bat fodder.
I sincerely appreciate any help or guidance

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Gateway use a Recovery Partition

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Help save a life :) I res ...

So all that should be required to do is grab your Owners Manual and open it to Recovery Partition and follow the prompts which generally speaking involve pressing 2 keys when you first start the system.

This will return your System to As New condition and your data and settings will be gone but at least your computer will be working again and you'll be able to reinstall whatever you need.

If you need to recover Data off the HDD before applying the Recovery Partition Image you can use a Boot Disc like the Ultimate Boot CD available free here

To open the HDD and save your Data to whatever you have available not on the NB's Hard Disc Drive.


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Reponse To Answer

by Hopscotchking In reply to Gateway use a Recovery Pa ...

Thanks OG
I did try to reset it back to the factory settings but it comes up with an error and doesn't do it. I saw my backups on my external hd. Can you maybe tell me how to get my usb's functioning? I'd be in good shape I think if I could just access it.
Thanks again

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Well you'll need another computer

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Help save a life :) I res ...

To download the Gateway Drivers direct from Gateway here

Follow the prompts till you get to your Model System and download the drivers then copy them to a Optical Drive and install them from the Optical Drive onto your system.

As for the rest perhaps you should contact Gateway Monday and get them to send you a Recovery Set and then use that to reload the system.


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