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HELP !! Secondary drive disconnected

By joker64 ·
I ran MS free scanner,which scanned 1st HDD without any problems.But during 2 HDD scan it froze and now the drive says it has been disconnected!! I am running windows xp sp2.In bios it shows its there,but when op sys loads and i try and open drive it reports that drive is not formatted?? I have tried restore both in regular mode and safe mode,and it says changes to drive D cannot be undone!! Please help ma as it has all of my family tree and work profiles as well as my family photo's i cannot replace.

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by mytech In reply to HELP !! Secondary drive d ...

as have not informed that which file system u are using on that drive.It's very important for this Que.
by the way u should try with another syatem u have told that this is secondary drive try at other PC...
Or u can use recovery this stage it's very easy to recover the data......

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by joker64 In reply to HELP !! Secondary drive d ...

Both drives are NTFS,also secondary drive was the original drive for this computer 2 yrs ago. But after updateing MB and CPU,memory etc...I installed a new HDD also and made this drive the storage drive. All was perfect before trying to run MS Online scanner. MB is MSI KT4AV Atlon 2800 CPU,1 gig kingston memory and radeon 9200 AGP card,if that helps.

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by thenewpl In reply to HELP !! Secondary drive d ...


I am not quite sure on what you are saying that you have done, but my suggestion is to disconnect cd roms/dvd roms and then hook up the bad drive as a slave and boot up from the good drive, click on start/my computer and see if you can see the drive there. You should then be able to access it from the good drive and transfer your documents over. Before transferring files though, try and do a scan by right clicking on the bad drive and choose scan for viruses. Make sure that you do have the jumpers on the harddrive configured properly and try a different IDE cable for the heck of it.

If that fails,,,,***DO NOT*** attempt to load anything on to this harddrive as you will risk the possibility of overwriting your data that you are trying to save.

I will try and keep my eye on this link, so if you can post what you have done so far, maybe someone can see something we may be overlooking.

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by fungus-among-us In reply to HELP !! Secondary drive d ...

Sounds like the scan hosed your MBR. It's a GOOD thing that the BIOS can still detect the drive. That basically tells me that the data can be saved.

I recently purchased Z.A.R. (Zero Assumption Recovery) and it has saved many "irreplacable" files from clients computers.

Just remember not to "write" any information to that inaccessable drive.

Good Luck

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