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    Help – Secure Screen Saver via GPO


    by network5831 ·

    Situation: Need to setup a pwd protected screensaver solution for AD computer objects.

    Mission: Needs to apply only to AD computer objects. So if I sign in via VPN connection on my home pc I will not get this policy.

    Currently: Single Server 2003 R2 AD domain. Nothing fancy, it’s a straight higharchy with standard OU’s.

    So far: 1. I created a new OU called “Desktops” under a “North” OU under the Domain. Created a new GPO w/ the setting I need under the user section of the GPO, as these setting are not on the computer section of the GPO. Linked to the Desktop OU.
    2. I created and global security group and added a computer object to it. 3. When I run GP Modeling I get “Policy – Access Denied (Security Filtering) Under the security group membership are the following: Everyone > NT Authority\Authenticated users > Builtin\Pre-Windows 2000 C.A. > Builtin\User and domain\SSComputers(GlblSecGrp)

    I have been researching this without luck, if anyone can give some guidance it would be appreciated. I’ve seen this done in a Novell enviornment, but never personally setup this type of GPO.

    thanks in advance

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