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help sharing files vpn

By dakid ·
Hello IT world
I recently setup a vpn connection on 2 xp pro sp2 systems (home to office)with no problems. Now what I am having trouble is setting up a mapped network drive to browse through the files on vpn server. While connected through vpn, on client vpn, I've gone to my network places> add network place> and then went to where I input \\server\share and I get an error saying "the folder you entered is not valid". I've made sure my vpn server folder is shared. Please help

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by dakid In reply to help sharing files vpn

want to make clear that under \\server\share I am putting in my actual pc name and the shared folder on this pc

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by curlergirl In reply to help sharing files vpn

Try a traditional drive mapping command first to see if you can map a drive letter to the shared folder. To do this, open a command prompt and type:

net use z: \\server\share

If this works, then you probably just have a slow browsing problem over your VPN. Depending on what types of connections you have at both ends, this is not that uncommon. If this doesn't work, then you have some other problem, such as name resolution. If that is the case, you need to post how you have your VPN server set up in terms of IP addressing. Are the workstations getting their IP addresses from the VPN server properly? How about DNS and/or WINS server addresses?

Hope this helps!

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by mendenhallre In reply to help sharing files vpn

Are you using a vpn appliance like a pix or a windows/linux server? Are you able to ping addresses on your network other then the vpn's internal?

Try using \\serveripaddress\share if this works then you have do not have dns setup on your vpn dhcp

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by dakid In reply to help sharing files vpn

On my home computer (vpn server):

General Tab: Checked Virtual Private Network
Users Tab: Checked Administrator, Checked Require users secure pw...
Networking Tab: TCP/IP, File/Print Sharing, QoS Sched, Client for Microsoft Networks

Under TCP/IP properties: checked Allow callers access lan, checked Assign addresess using DHCP

On work computer (vpn client):

General Tab: IPAddress
Networking Tab: PPTP VPN

hope this explains setup

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