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Help! Started Recieving Voicemails In My Email And Not Phone?!

By rchallender2493 ·
Tags: Smartphones
Hey guys! So I was not sure where the best place to post this question to on the forms, and if admins believe there's a better spot to ask this question would you be able to move it over for me? Thanks!

Anyways, here is my actual situation and question. I am tracking a FedEx package that is set to arrive tomorrow. For some reason I recieved a few voice messages containing shipping information/updates in my email, and I never recieved the voice messages on my actual phone. I currently am using an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S10+ on AT&T's network. Quite randomly I seem to be getting voice messages not on my phone, but in my email from "YouMail"? I may have downloaded this YouMail application in the past but the application is currently not even installed on my phone, and I haven't changed any of my settings recently that would have changed how I recieve voice messages on my phone. I just want to make sure my voicemails go through my voicemail app and not this YouMail app that I don't have installed! If anyone has insight into this and the YouMail app, and how I can get rid of it, I would be eternally grateful!! Cheers!
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