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Help to restore my PC

By nanakontihene ·
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My son took total control of my PC during the holidays. Now he is back at the university, but to my surprise he has changed the OS to vista ultimate from the home premium version. I have lost most of the functions and programs which came with the computer. Fortunately the original disk image is in a partition on the hard disk. I have tried F11 on boot up in order to access system recovery but it does not work, because the recovery program seems to have vanished from the PC.
My PC is HP Pavillion S3230UK
Current OS Vista Ultimate.

I need to restore it to the original state. Please help!

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If your recovery partition is gone...

by antiartist In reply to Help to restore my PC

If that partition that contains the recovery application is gone, you should try contacting HP and begging them for a recovery CD...which they may not supply. Something else to consider; When you first got your computer, you may have created a recovery CD of your own for just such an event as you are having now.

Hope this helps.

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You need to find the recovery program.

So that you can do the restore/re-image.
Do you know which program you had?.

When all is finished and working, it is time for your son to have his own computer so that he does not mess up yours again.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.
If this information is useful, please mark as helpful. Thanks.

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Well if you didn't follow the HP advice

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Help to restore my PC

And create your Own Recovery Disc's when you first got your Computer and now that Recovery Partition is gone you only have one choice if you want to return the System to the Factory Default.

You need to buy a Recovery Set from HP. Store these when they arrive in a safe place where they can not be damaged or lost after you have finished with them so you don't need to buy another set when something fails in your computer.

But here I'm assuming that you only want the HP supplied Applications and as Vista Ultimate has considerably more functionality than Vista Home any form it would be a better idea to just reinstall the Applications if you have a Genuine Vista License.

Of course if it is a Pirate Copy of Vista Blow it away before you get infections and your In Box flooded with Spam.


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